What is 30 Days of Moon Magic?

As women and even more importantly, as humans, we are affected by moon cycles. Each day the moon shifts into different phases, and even goes through each of the zodiac signs each month!! There is an opportunity to truly step into a beautiful rhythm with the moon so we can radically transform our lives into living in our nature. 

Our nature is buried under programs, societal demands, limiting beliefs, the way we were nurtured or brought up, as well as countless other aspects. Currently our society, “In God we Trust” culture, thrives on greed, taking, war, and consumerism. 

I have felt a stirring within ever since I started to walk away from my programing 13 years ago, that there was another way. Another path. And there is!! The Goddess Culture, is not a religion, but a way of being. It is a life honoring, life giving culture that sees the life, death, and rebirth cycle in all aspects of life, including the moon phases. When we see that there is another aspect of life, rebirth, new opportunities, possibilities and options open up to us! 

I will be sharing daily PDF’s of the Moon phase with journal prompts and info about the moon cycle to the Moon Magic tier. If you are able to join in at any level, we will have a private discord channel to chat openly about our experiences with the moon, the shifts we are having, and be able to have impromptu discussions through discords platform of voice and video options! 

I am so excited to gather together this amazing community of women to shift and usher the world into a goddess culture. It is time to release the trauma, the victimhood, and the abuse that this culture has given out the past 7,000 years. It is time for change. Will you join me? 

I have attached an example of the daily Moon Magic Play Sheets that you will be receiving! 


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