What is Goddess Culture?

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Welcome welcome. So today’s Podcast:

So this morning, as I was on my walk as i’m on my walk each morning, I go through and really just commune with the goddess in energy, with Mount, earth, with nature, and move all of the things that are stuck inside of my body out so that I can move forward. So the full moon, which is very exciting.

We are here in the full man, the full moon in Libra today.

The full moon is all about bringing into manifestation our ideas.

The seed we planted at the new moon, all of these aspects of our life again.

So each new moon is time in the month for us to plant our intentions. This is a time for us to think about what we want to bring into our life. This is a time for us to ask lots of questions and to get very curious. Now that we’re at the full moon it’s the time to bring all of that manifesting energy into the physical plane. So we have 2 weeks prior that we really took the time to think about what we were doing. Make all the actions get into that mode, and then. Now the full moon is all about really awakening that energy and being a present to it.

So I’m going to share this podcast is really about my musings with the Great Mother, the goddess. It’s really about my journey into unraveling the moon cycles, and ultimately it is a movement in ushering the goddess culture into existence again. So what is the goddess culture there’s a lot of like what is all of this? If you’re talking about, and so i’m gonna give some just some definitions throughout a lot of these podcasts to just give some framework what it is, what the hell i’m talking about, because these are all things that we might have heard of, and I want to make some clarity about what i’m specifically saying so.

First of all Goddess culture is not a religion it’s not a cult. It’s it’s not a it’s not a worship.

Okay, while Goddess culture is a life honoring, life Giving way of being. And so I just want to really give some context for this, because anytime you’re introducing these new ideas and these new thoughts, goddess culture has very little context.

And we live in what I call a warrior god culture, which goes against our innate Nature’s explicitly. So this morning, as I was doing my musings with the magical mother on my my morning walk, I really felt very compelled by the creation story, and specifically the fall of man in the Creation story. So prior to the fall of man. eve Okay, so I just one step at a time, right?

Because there’s so much blanketed into this just a few opening sentences. So Pre pre fall okay in in a warrior. God language. We have course my phone’s gonna die it’s hilarious.

We have the ability to very clearly see that there was a guard, and of Eden it was Paradise. We were in perfect communion with our soul, with spirit, with oneness we were all one. There was such a clarity that there was no separation between us and the earth. There was no separation between us and the animals. The fruit that we ate physically gave us our physical form. It was so easily known that we were one with all that was around us.  Okay, then. and so this has been proven to This has been proven to create space right to allow for us to now have context that the archaeology and the buildings that they are finding from 7,000 years ago.

Are actually now known There’s these things called Venus figurines that are found all over the globe, and and they are very well known, and man, because women were not allowed in the archaeology space until about the 60’s or 70’s  It was very man-centric and male dominated as most of the World right. So, as we were going through and learning about the archaeology, and discovering things like stone Hinge and the caves in France, it’s very well known that these were goddess worshipping and Goddess honoring. I almost want to stay away from goddess worshipping these cultures knew that out of the vaginal canals came life. So therefore they said, Wow! women bring life into the world. They must be sacred.

Anything that is giving more life must be sacred and so as this happens, There’s a really incredible and profound thing that happens in our own brain where we go interesting.

If there was a culture that saw that women birthed life, this life was to be honored because they were a part of us, and these were the people and the children that created more community, more members of this thing, how amazing they also connected that the birthing of life. Women were also responsible for rebirthing.

They would go down into the Tombs or the catacombs, and they would give birth there, allowing for somebody that had passed on to reincarnate into this new life.

So. they were birthgivers. they honored deaths, and they honored the fact that we reincarnated, not the fact. Their fact. Okay, so don’t don’t twist you don’t believe in it.

That’s fine. But this was their fax this is how they saw life in this life process.

So there’s something really incredible about a culture that honors where life comes from. And so, without hesitation, Mother Earth, that which gives us life and sustenance was thereby honored explicitly It was in their nature. Of course they didn’t destroy the very thing that gives them life. Okay. This seems like really practical information. It seems like a no-brainer in my in my mind. Like. course we would honor the things that give us life. Of course we would treat the water in the air with respect. Of course we would want to bring in more of what serves us.

Of course we would want to live in our nature with nature in communion, knowing that everything that we touch in nature is then consumed. So of course we would want it to be pure, and fulfill our bodies so that we can thrive. So how did we get? How in the world did we get to a place where it was? Garden of Eden, a place of beginnings and communion in oneeness with nature, to let me have more than my share, because I want more. Let me write on my physical money in God. we trust so that I can dominate and make the masses into my slaves, and I will have them working for this thing, and I will create space for myself to be on top so introducing a warrior God cultural. It was not instantaneous it really wasn’t. It was not instantaneous, this transition from goddess, culture to warrior God Culture took thousands of years, and it it’s roughly about 6,500 years ago, is when the God the warrior God Culture really started establishing itself. if you look into the Abrahamic timelines and things like that. they actually in these warrior God cultures. Your audience say that man they actually say that there is this timeline that Earth act, There’s so narcissistic in their sharing that they claim that the earth even began with that culture with that man. Incredible. And yet in the Bible, when it says these are the only people that exist yet on the other side of the hill, there’s people, and there’s some other people on that side of the hill, too, and we might not know about the people, down the the other side of the hill and if these were the only people created. Then how are there people on the other side of the hill? So that’s getting into a whole another topic. and so goddess culture to get back to that at the new movement asked for clarity around the goddess Culture, and it’s going to take me the next 13 moon cycles to really get solid foundation again.

And I am going to honor that process because I find it fascinating, and I find it exciting. I asked a question at the beginning of the new moon.

Okay, So we’re in the full moon now I asked a question I said, I.

I know that I am an embodiment of the Great Mother.

I know that I am an embodiment of Mother Earth.

I know that I am an embodiment of the goddess.

I claim that I am a priestess and an herbal priestess at that, and I honor that, and I know that I cannot stay silent any longer.

Years ago, when I used to share what I was doing, and the practices that I would be sharing, it would be very clear that people would look at me as if I was an alien.

And still I get that. I get called after I a conversation of sharing some things people up and say, Wow! Years very interesting, and especially in the midwest they’re very kind right?

They, they smooth over all of their words very nicely. And so there is an aspect of being this space. And I am okay with being this embodiment.

I am okay with allowing myself to be a vessel for this movement. And so now that i’ve got clarity on that part of it, that was part of the clarity over the past 2 weeks of really putting into language what it is that I’ve been searching for. And so I am here to help women specifically for those that I identify as women to usher in the goddess culture.

Now, what does that mean? I find it very exciting and Yet It’s terrifying at the same time, because I look at Jesus and His teachings, and he was only able to usher in the goddess culture being love having women right alongside of him equally, and share not having any tolerance for These aspects of cruelty or discrepancies, and wealth and power, and his ministry of teaching the goddess culture lasted 3 years. 3 years he got far right, I mean we’re still talking about them. But we’re talking about him in the context of a warrior God, culture, and whoever, whatever is ruling really takes the goddess culture, and manipulates and rapes and pillages it every single time desecrate it to transform it into a warrior God culture, pedestal. And so with all of the goddesses, every single great goddess, and even some goddesses, were created just to create a cognitive dissonance within those people that were a goddess Culture into warrior goddesses A phenomenon. The Morgans, I mean you go through the line and frya, Kali, I mean they’re all these warrior goddesses.

How ironic that they made the goddess into the war figure so that they could allow for people to jump on board with this.

So who is this? They I don’t have clarity about that yet?

Okay, I i’m getting more clarity about the energetic entities that really fuel and shape us, But as far as I’m not too sure that’s not where my clarity came in my clarity came in

that as these paradigm shifts are happening, our medical system people are seeing it for a sham that it is.

Our school systems. we’re seeing them for the lack of education that they really give our government.

We’re seeing what a joke that is our environmental impacts. We’re seeing the devastation that it has brought in all of these pillars of our lives. we’re seeing that it’s not working in the way that it’s been working.

And so what is it that we are being called to bring forth?

And for me personally, it is this calling, this embodiment to a picture in the the goddess, culture, life, honoring a life, affirming and innately helping women feel find their nature.

So I mentioned the fall right and I want to go back to that because I find that i’m going to close on that point, and i’m going to try not to just fire hose for every one of these because i’m gonna be

sharing daily from here on out. and i’d like to just give some some little pieces to to conjure to to think up, to sit a spell with right and so with Adam and Eve in the garden there is this aspect

that at eve found the tree of life which is a known symbol in goddess culture. Okay. The tree of life is on every temple pre 7,000 years.

The true of life is that the tree that gives life. the serpent is a known symbol of the goddess.

So the serpent, the tree of life is saying, Remember your power Eve wisdom, Eve, make sure to choose sovereignty that you own and control your own body Eve, you are the giver of life, Eve. Remember that you are equal to man, that you give life and manage your partner right.

Man Seed helps support the life within you, but know that you are the birth there.

The Creator, the holder of space for life. And so, while the serpent is sharing with Eve all of these rememberings, Eve, remember your nature, Eve.

The world is not here without you, Eve. you are the holder of wisdom.

You do not just violently go on a ram page to take from others.

You do not just steel and have greed as your only foundation.

So, as this serpent is reminding and remembering eve all of these innate things that they’re a part of her nature.

What happens she? it’s blamed for the entire fall of humanity, and not until what? 2,000 years later, 3,000 4,000 years later. it is there a Christ to come and reconcile what poor Eve did.

Yet that Christ came in to do exactly what Eve did say that women are equal. say that women are a vital component to this.

Say that the wisdom Sophia, Goddess Holy Spirit is the female of the Trinity.

Hello! without the female, without the wisdom, without the goddess, without.

That innate goddess, culture. we have slavery, indoctrination, injustice, poverty.

We have war, we have desecration. we have the destruction of the planet.

We have greed and violence and the home structures that are devastatingly traumatic.

So can you imagine This is what i’ve been doing for the past 2 weeks sitting in this space, envisioning what life would be like if we were to integrate, and it embody this Goddess culture I have 22 acres and

i’m very clear that that these 22 acres are going to be a space to help usher in this embodiment, and I have a 13 month.

Course that is going to be coming out week by week over the next 13 months called.

Remembering your magical self. So if you’d like to join in that this is going to be a shattering of our foundation, shattering the foundation of warrior God culture, it’s going to be a remembering of our

magical self, and really embodying goddess culture and I’ve made other programs in the past, and things like that, where I did shatter the foundation.

But I kept rebuilding on top of a warrior.

God, culture, money, and society, and modern medicine and all these structures around me, and I’m finally got the clarity that that foundation is shattered completely.

There’s no there’s no reason for it anymore.

It is not serving me, I don’t want it and so I am building a whole new foundation over the next 13 months, using all of the resources that I have, and I have had such as the reprogramming tools the herbal

medicines, knowing the healings, the activations channeling being a medium for the from other earth, doing all of these things.

And then on top of that, the the nugget That is so incredible that we can see, no matter where we are it. That’s the moon cycles the moon cycles and this full moon is really such a telling heart. And then the new moon is on April the first.

And so right now, this manifestation period is really about bringing in all of those things that you have been actively wanting to shift and change in your life and playing them out in action.

Being these things being this change that is very exciting it’s very exciting.

If you want to join in over on Patreon I will be posting more over there and continuing the conversation. 



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