All New Thyroid Taming Potion

Why call it Thyroid Taming? 

The thyroid is a delicate butterfly shaped gland that regulates ALL of the body at all times! With even a shift of a degree in temperature the thyroid is working diligently. So I am calling this potion the thyroid tamer to help it come back into balance instead of working too hard or not having anything to work with and being sluggish. Your thyroid is an important aspect of your entire body regulating your entire system and every single aspect within from your digestion to lungs, to every single cell! If you have been having issues with your thyroid this is the potion for you. 

So I have spent the past couple of months really diving into understanding the thyroid. And not the thyroid on its own but in relation to the body as a whole. If we continue on the path of reductionist, find the smallest atom or molecule and blame that, then we miss out on the fact that our body is a beautiful whole organism that actually needs the environment around it to even live! So it is never just one thing that is causing any of the issues in our body. It is the total of our inner and outer environment causing every cell in our body to react, respond and communicate with the whole! 

In my own personal relationship with learning about the body, I started learning about healing in a reductionistic way. I have a bachelors degree in psychology. When I took my first psychology course in high school I knew that this had a huge key to healing. So I dove in. It took me 5 years to get my degree but when I finished, I realized that this was not the end all be all. I didn’t want to continue on in a way of just putting a label on someone and then having that “explain” why they were the way they were. I wanted to know how to truly heal the body. I wanted to integrate the psychosis, that I realize everyone really does have something that needs worked on. Our society actually sells to our psychosis through advertising, playing on our vulnerabilities, desires and neurosis. But beyond that, if the advertising industry, which is behind modern medicine, food, agriculture, clothing, vehicles and everything else we must have in this world to stay in it, than it actually is feeding on our neurosis!! It is actually making us sicker, not better!

So what does any of this have to do with the thyroid? Well it is its own gland, but it is also not on its own at all! The thyroid is completely dependent on the hypothalamus, that produces the Thyroid Releasing Hormone, and the pituitary gland, that produces the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,  to get the initial materials needed to make its own elements, which are T4 (which is made from Iodine and an amino acid Tyrosine, and Calcitonin (this actually makes our calcium for our bones and muscles!)

So before I even can begin to make a potion for the thyroid, I have to understand its relationship with the rest of the body, as a whole, and its relationship to the environment it lives on. Because sadly without the environment around us, we would die. Our ability to be alive is directly correlated with the air we breath, needing water to drink and gravity to hold us onto the planet, as we would not survive in outer space. I hope you are starting to see why all of this is so important. 

It isn’t just, my thyroid doesn’t work. 

There is aspects of are your pituitary gland properly functioning or is it calcified with fluorite, is it in your drinking water and toothpaste? 

Are you getting enough iodine for your body to produce the hormones needed to regulate all your other metabolic functions? 

Is your thyroid under attack from lack from a lack of ability to function due to the enviornmental aspects around it or is it coming from internal aspects? 

If it is coming from within it is because the digestive system is leaky or has allergens causing it to not assimilate the T3 from the thyroid? 

It is because the liver is unable to filter because it is filled with heavy metals?

There are so many aspects to healing the body. This is why I have taken years to see the body as a holistic essence that is not meant to be separated but looked at from a whole perspective. When we see that our thyroid affects our immune system, that our gut affects our immune system, and our lymphatic system cleans it all up so that we have a healthy immune system, we can see that it is truly all connected. If we are stay alive and well, we must start seeing the body as a whole. 

Each herbal medicine potion that I make has a profound affect on the body because it is aimed to help the whole system not just what is on the label. I created each of these potions to truly help the body create a way for it to thrive not just manage the symptoms of the body. We are meant to be in wholeness. We have forgotten this through our nurturing, programming and advertising that we were raised in. This is why I also work with individuals to help them learn how to access their own nature, the health, wholeness and beauty they were born with, not the nurturing that they were told. 

Each of the components that I offer from chakra healing, crystals, herbal potions, Human design healing sessions, magical mothering sessions, they are all complimentary to each other. They each help the body, mind spirit and emotions remember their own nature, reprogramming the nurture that has created the dis-ease in the body. 

If you are interested in the Thyroid Taming Potion, you can purchase it from

If you are interested in a full human design and holistic health session they can also be booked on my website. These create a fully holographic image of your bodies innate, natural, inclinations and how to create a space for healing through living your design. Then from knowing your human design, I offer a 13 month Magical Mothering Method Healing Journey to help you learn step by step how to reprogram to live your purpose and heal your thoughts, emotions and spirit. As an herbal priestess, I found that the plants are an integral part of our remembering process through all of this. When we allow the spirit of the plants to integrate with our cells a rapid transformation happens. Then on the most simple and basic level, crystals are made of various minerals that are body is often lacking. Making our interaction with them create intense and often spontaneous healing occur! It seems like magic, yet so much of this is NATURE! We are meant to be connected with nature, live in nature and be in our own nature. I am creating a retreat space to allow individuals to come and be in nature so they can be immersed, surrounded and moved by the profound magic, mystery and simplicity that nature has to offer. 

All of these aspects are available or you can contact me through my website. 


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