Day 1 of 31 Days of I am Transformation

Hello and Welcome to 31 days of i am transformation. I’m Stephanie Mathews with and over the next 31 days we are going to create a sacred space. A space for awareness. A space for growth. A space for transformation and over in the mighty networks a space for community. I think the best part of doing any sort of facebook live event is really the fact that there is so much more participation. Community connection, interaction, real in-depth conversations, and that’s really what my heart is centered on around doing this whole I am transformation. So for this first video, day one I really want to focus on what is an I am statement. so I am is something that we say all the time this is the literally a name that is and incorporated with the divine so we are going to be very getting into the spiritual, the woowoo, the manifestation, the creatrix, the creator, the goddess, the god source energy. So if this is something that you’re like, nope that’s not for me. Then this I am challenge is not for you. This I am transformation so if you are into growth and personal growth and self-help and really finding and discovering more of who and what you are then stay tuned and join in. So I am that I am is one of the most powerful names of the divine. I’m gonna try to stay away from the name God or even Goddess because that has a lot of connotations to it and anybody who’s ever had any sort of religious trauma or attachments to that automatically gets a repulsive feeling when that comes up. I’m going to be using alternative names to the divine such as the divine, source energy, divinity, our creatrix selves or our creator selves. I do want to tap on God and Goddess, so if there’s some triggers happening with those words I would love for you to go over into the mighty networks and join in the link I’ve been posting on my personal feed and in the magical mothering Facebook group. ( So if you’d like to join over into that group please do so. As we really connect with the name I am that is a name in and of itself. That is a statement in and of itself. The I am statement is one of the most powerful ways to turn our thoughts into physical reality. This is a very personal aspect this is a very personal way to do so. I want to encourage you to join in these aspects of using the I am statements. I’m so excited to be using this platform. I am live in zoom right now so if you’re going, “Where do I find these live recordings?” I am live in zoom and the link to join in is in the mighty networks group. Otherwise, I will post this recording, and if I get my laptop figured out, I will post this recording simultaneously on Facebook live. Really utilizing and understanding that these I am aspects are statements. Just those two words. I am is a statement in and of itself is a powerful thought process I am. For this day one video I want you for the rest of the day to really be especially and exceptionally present to where you are using these I am statements. Tomorrow we’ll jump into more of creating with it but today is observation land. Today is really like taking up those little antennas and getting your feelers out. Getting your whole body involved in this process of really allowing and turning on this i am statement. Through the next 31 days if anything I want us to all be turned on. I want us to know that anytime we are needing more energy, anytime we’re needing to reprogram, any time we’re needing to dive in, anytime we’re needing to release stagnation, any time we’re needing a boost, anytime we’re needing something, anything it can start with a simple I am. This is going to rapid fire over the next 31 days of really igniting within us this ability to just get turned on anytime we are in support or need. We are going to remember our own divinity. We are going to remember our power. We are going to remember this aspect that we are creating our reality right now with the I am statements. That we have been and do use. Over the next 31 days we are going to transform our realities around us, through us and within us to really create a space that is enveloping, welcoming and even more powerful. So thanks for being here. Welcome to the 31 days of I am transformation. I’m really looking forward to hopping over into the mighty networks and continuing these conversations. So I’m gonna be putting a daily topic up. There’s going to be a day one topic so you don’t have to follow these videos in any sort of order if you don’t, can’t or you know if you miss a day. All of the videos and all of the topics and all of the conversations are going to be really easy to identify so that you can go through this and hopefully it’ll create ease for you. And not something that is just an extra thing to do on your list. That’s not what this is. This is a way for you to say I am going to create some time and space for myself and work on my own rhythms, my own habits, my own desires, and I’m going to get plugged in. I’m excited and hoping that creating the space for and with you. Let’s continue the conversation and let’s continue this journey. Thanks for being here. I’ll see you all tomorrow morning and thank you for being here.


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