Finding Pleasure in MONEY!

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Welcome love. I am so excited to be here! I am Stephanie Matthews, herbal priestess and magical mother of magicalmothering com.And this Week’s episode is brought to you by the Sacral Chakra. It is also brought to you by the Chakra box, which is a 13 month, Delivered to your door, healing Chakra program that will ignite your life, find your passions and create a dream Life, and not the dream life you think you want but the dream life that you actually want.
Let’s jump in today. i’m very excited to be here. I have some notes that I’m actually going to follow hopefully.
So let’s dive in I hope you’re doing well. So this the Sacral Chakra. the Sacral Chakra. We talked a lot about pleasure last week, and that was really sensual pleasure, which is always fun to get into.
And this week we’re going to talk about pleasure. Now we’re going to bring it into a wider variety and specifically abundance and money. Money is probably the number One thing in our lives that creates non pleasure. Right? I
mean, think, about all the things that we do on a daily basis that in regards to money that do not give us pleasure.
So let’s just start there. I want to talk about in what aspects, Are you seeing money in terms of lack mentality?
Or maybe You’ve heard in the coaching world money blocks or money issues, or the inability to receive. Raise your hand, right. Just wherever you are. Raise your hand. If you’ve heard of this, and if you’re like.
Oh, I must have money, blocks because i’m not a millionaire, or I must have money blocks because I can barely pay my bills, or I I definitely have lack mentality, because i’m always thinking I broke Yes, Okay, So that’s kind of where we’re going with this whole thing. I want you to think about what your relationship with money is right.
Now, what is it feel like when you receive money? Is it more about not having enough?
So when you get money, and you receive money is it to have money now. But it’s not enough. Okay, I want you to create a lot of awareness around this again. Everything that I do talks about our programs that we received prior to the age of 7.
So the relationship that your parents had with money is a vital component to how you have a relationship with money too. Most of our parents did not have a great relationship.
If your parents did have a great relationship with money awesome, then, you know, move into more of what i’m going to be talking about in just a minute, for the majority of people, myself included.
My relationship with money was very stressful, especially prior to traveling full-time.
My relationship with money was based on this aspect that it was hard to get.
It was always fleeting. It would come in, and it would leave.
I was paying off credit cards with other credit cards.
We were over $35,000 in debt this wasn’t, including our house payment of another $118,000.
And so there was a lot of stress around money. And with that, going back into that space prior to doing a lot of the work that I do now, there was such a groundbreaking shift when I started making money from things that I was passionate about and pleasure-filled activities rather than feeling this need to make money. Totally different feelings, and I want you to see where, in your own body you can feel this.
Where do you feel that lack? Where do you feel that stress when you have money, stress, or money worries?
Where do you feel that in your body that is your money ” block?” It’s the fact that your body is actually blocking
certain receptors, or receiving or putting this energetic blueprint out that money is stressful.
So just stay away, right? No! We don’t, we don’t want money to be special.
We don’t want it to stay away. We definitely want it to bring pleasure and joy and excitement and gratitude in our lives. Right?
We do not want to be like, “no money i’m good you cause me too much stress.Just stay out of my life. I am thinking a lot of us energetically are doing this, and we don’t even realize that this is a subconscious program or a neural program that we have hardwired into us and we’ve had hardwired into us since we were little. Awareness. Awareness is always the foundation, and always the beginning.
We get to find out where our foundation is. We get to find out where our baseline is. So that we can move through that and create some more implement, some more programs.
So, as we go through this, I want you to always remember and have awareness of how good the things that i’m going to be talking about are.
But remember that your go to is going to be the baseline. It’s going to be how you feel about money what your programs are about money.
So this is going to be the pretty consistent practice of rewiring and having pleasure with money.
Okay, So that is the baseline that’s where we’re starting.
Now I want to get into the aspect of some sayings that we have about money.
Money does not equal happiness, but that’s actually not true because a lot of people, when they have money are much happier, and I think it’s a Western world thing, that’s because money, and the lack of money is such a societal
construct to succeed, and to be seen as successful. that we’ve tied our happiness scale directly with it.
Now other countries are by far more happy than we are in the Western world, and they have far less money.
But it is not a societal expectation to be wealthy. Be successful. So you have to look at all of the things you have to look at everything. And when you look at everything, you see that it’s not just one thing.
Okay, So I want the first shift that I want to start working on, and sometimes we don’t even realize that we have.
When we have money we’re happy when we don’t have money we’re not happy.
This might not even be something that you consciously are aware of.
And so with that, I want you to start implementing what experiences would cause you joy.
What experiences and just write down a few. Maybe camping camping is I love camping.
Camping brings me so much joy which is why I live camping full time now.
I’ve been camping for 4 years now so what brings you joy.
Maybe it’s going to the ocean but then you start thinking Oh, that’s gas money that’s this that’s my car.
I don’t want you thinking about any of those things that are keeping you from the experiences that bring you joy.
I really want you to just focus on the experiences that bring you joy.
But I do want you to create awareness that this is where our brain’s go.
They go into lack I don’t have enough I don’t have the money. I don’t have that I can’t do that.
It’s not possible because I don’t have it you know like it goes in a spiral.
It goes in this horrible horrible spiral that brings us down to a level of stress, brings us back down to that baseline every time.
Because that’s where we’re comfortable we’re actually comfortable at our baseline we’re comfortable in the uncomfortable.
We’re comfortable in the knowing that we’re poor. That We don’t have enough, and that we’re always gonna need more.
We, even if you have enough like, even if you make good money.
This could still be a mindset right like it doesn’t matter how much money you make, and I really want to make that clear I made 6 figures this last year for the first time, and it didn’t matter that I was making 6 figures. Something had shifted in my being. There was this aspect that I was making money by living experiences that created incredible amounts of joy and pleasure.
And so I kept doing them. Then, when we got to the property here 5 months ago, I can’t believe it’s been 5 months already since we pulled up here 5 months ago, I still was in that mindset like this is what created a lot of joy for me going into these events. vending i’m still going to sign up for all these events every weekend, and i’m gonna be like tackle the debt that we’re in and I I was really
pushing that in a way, and it took me a few months of sitting on the property.
And then, of course, actually acquiring the property we actually didn’t know that we were going to be able to acquire the property.
So financially. we had to get all of those things, and we had to actually have the partners that we bought it with agree to sell it to us.
All of that got finalized at the let’s see in January sometime.
So been interesting, right? So it took a few months of just being here, knowing that this might not even be our land, that it might, so we might as well make the best of it and just hang out and create and enjoy it was a huge shift
it was that money shift that made that connection that it’s not about when I go to get in the future.
It’s not about how much i’m going to have in the future.
It’s not about what will be in the future I get to enjoy and notice this I get to enjoy where i’m at right now, because that’s all I have is right now. So we started building and playing with earth bags and we started building this bus barn, and we didn’t know like we could have put all of this time and energy, and we could have lost the property.
but we didn’t necessarily focus on that we focused on the fact that we have this blank canvas to play with for the next few months until we figure out what is actually going to happen.
And that created so much shift. It was really those lessons that we learned on the road that we just trusted if we didn’t know where we were going next. We would always get a hint somebody would Say, have you gone here?
Have you gone there? Have you tried this event and we would go there, and it would be amazing.
And we meet the most amazing people to have a great time or not.
But we would have these amazing experiences that kept pushing us to go to the next place, to go to the next place, and to stay in this flow while traveling, and flow is very feminine, and I I needed 3 and a half years of being in the bus to learn how to be in flow because i’m actually not very feminine when it comes to feminine qualities, especially the divine feminine qualities. i’m much more controlling. i’m more dominant. I plan. I’m more assertive in certain aspects.
I take charge, and I do the money stuff! And so It was an interesting thing, really having to embody these physical or or divine feminine qualities of being in the flow of being willing to receive, of just having so much time to figure out what it is that I really love doing and hanging out with plants made it to the top of the list a lot of the time, and I love nature.
And so I remember when I was little that I used to actually make these potions, I used to gather our rose petals, and I used to get all these concoctions of all these different plants, and I put them in a bottle in the
sun, and i’d forget about them for a really long time and then I wouldn’t you know, I’d open them in the water would be all moldy, and but this really was something fundamental, to my nature, and I want you to
hear this. It was fundamental to my nature. That means, like my soul.
It was not fundamental to the way that I was nurtured.
Yes, we would go camping, and things like that, but clean, having your hair right, having your face done keeping your clothes nice.
Those were how I was nurtured now i’m sure you can already realize that my clothes were never clean.
My hair was always messy, and I didn’t, you know, I wore makeup for a couple years, and then I was like, Oh, this is not for me.
It hurts my face so I just couldn’t quite fit into how I was nurtured, and I think most of us really have to contort ourselves in some way or another, to fit into how we’re nurtured and so when you find these little essences of your nature, these are the golden tickets.
And so with that I started what was called the Nature Craft box, and I started doing herbal videos, and those may come back at some point, and the nature craft box turned into the chakra box which incorporates a crystal, a healing potion, the workbooks and videos for the magical mothering method.
And I send those out monthly to my subscribers for the chakra box, and it’s just so incredible how, after years of kind of being in the flow, and just allowing for these things to come and go i’m here yet again
creating the spiral of the year, and returning to what is so near and dear to me that I had spent the first 5 years of my kids lives honing, which was rhythm and ritual.
And so now that I am not floating along in the sea of bus life, traveling full-time, sit and growing my roots again, i’m feeling grounded.
And what is coming back so strongly is getting into rhythm and do ritual.
I’m reading through these things that I wrote 4, 5, 6 years ago, and i’m like, Wow, This is amazing.
I want to get back to that so and I actually want to get forward to that space, because I can’t get back there.
That’s Why, it’s a spiral we can get to the same place, you know, the same year.
The same seasons, the same themes come around but like a spiral. You can never get to that same exact place in the spiral.
You’re always going to be a little bit further away, and sometimes you you have huge gaps in your spiral, and sometimes they’re just little tiny bitty really close together, but you still can’t get on the same line so with
that finding our nature can bring us intense pleasure as well as financial freedom, and more importantly, abundance. because whatever the numbers are in your bank account, whatever comes in is going to be what is going out, whatever money comes in
is going to be the amount of money that goes out. When I made 6 figures, 6 figures went out when I made the $20,000 a year, $20,000 a year went out.
When I made, you know, $65,000 a year, $65,000 a year.
But if I were to make a $1,000,000 a $1,000,000 would go out, i’d have savings and buffers and things like that.
But what we bring in is what goes out it’s just the natural flow of the energetic currency of money, while we have a savings and things like that.
We’re not meant to be stockpiling in a way if that makes you feel really safe.
You, then, by all means but just know that, you know.
While Jeff Bezos makes a $1,000,000,000. He also spends lot of money because he has to pay all those employees.
He has to buy all the warehouses and he has to.
So, Yes, there’s money coming in and yes there’s lots of money going out.
So know that that is a flow. When we see somebody that says you know we make this amount of money. we’re like, Whoa!
They make that much money. Well, then, you have to think about how much money is going out their lives, and while they might not have such stressors, you think they font anyway, whatever comes in is going out.
So if you have a stress mentality of money, or if you have, “money blocks”, if you have a foundation of lack towards money, these are all things that are going to stay with you, no matter how much money you make you might as well get rid of them that way. when more money comes in you can just allow for it to flow, and it make it feel really yummy and juicy versus this thing of I don’t have enough, because if that’s your mentality it doesn’t matter
how much money you have it won’t be enough. All right next on the list is, I want to talk about nature abundance. Now I go into this more in my workbook, in the magical mothering method for the sacral Chakra month.
But nature abundance. Now it’s winter here during this podcast so usually with nature, abundance.
It’s really easy to look at the number of blades of grass.
See the tens of thousands of leaves on a tree seeing that there’s flowers, and seeing how how abundant nature is naturally.
Now, if we are a part of nature, which we are there’s, an aspect of Holistic health, and in the holistic health paradigm rather than the reductionary paradigm of health, i’ll just briefly say what these are the in the reductionary paradigm of health.
You go down to the smallest particle the cells and you break it down. And so that’s why, a lot of doctors break it down, break it down, break it down!
Oh, it’s your liver that’s having a problem let’s focus on your liver, or Oh, it’s your kidney. Let’s remove your kidney and give you a transplant. Oh, it’s your heart! Let’s go in and put stints in and fix your heart, as we know.
If you don’t fix the root cause of what caused your heart to have these issues, then you’re just going to need another heart surgery. Later on, the stints are going to wear out the and You’re going to go back to having a heart issue.
This is reductionary medicine, and this is what Western medicine is based on.
Holistic medicine looks at your heart and says hmm that’s interesting.
You’re blood is really thick causing a lot of clogs.
Your arteries are clogged. Hmm. your digestive system is full of fat. Hmm.
You’re kidneys are not removing the toxicity your liver is full of toxins.
Your brain is not getting the proper nutrients or fat, so that it can create the hormones it needs in your para thyroid, or in your thalamus.
But oh! your thyroid is totally congested, and is not able to actually breathe, not thereby able to regulate your lymphatic system any.
So you can see the reductionist view, goes to the one organ and fixes that, and not seeing that every part of our body interacts and plays a role in everything else. and even more so, us as a human being we cannot survive if there
wasn’t an earth system. the reductionist model doesn’t even look at the environment that the organ or the cell is in.
So it stopped us from looking at the environment that we are in.
We cannot survive without oxygen. we cannot survive without food.
We cannot survive without sunshine. we cannot survive without water.
All of these things in our environment, whether they’re filled with toxicity or not, enable us to live if they get too filled with toxicity, we will not have an environment to live in and so shifting our knowing to a
more holistic view. which I love doing holistic health sessions with people, because, as we look at your whole, then we’re able to see so much more clearly what it is that has really been creating the cause or disease or lack of energy
or health or immunity. We can see as a whole system why that is happening.
It’s the same thing for money and pleasure and joy when we focused on getting something, because we lack it.
Then we’re unable to see the whole picture the whole aspect.
Are you trying to get money just to make money because money as an energy.
Not it’s it’s kind of how money works if you make money, your God.
You will make money. a lot of us that do not have money as our God we do not have money, and it doesn’t mean that we can’t get money.
It’s just that we have to see it differently money comes into our lives by allowing and receiving.
So it’s very interesting when we’re passionate and pleasure-filled about what we’re doing.
Oftentimes we can get and receive and receive quite a lot of money in that moment, and then guess what happens we go.
Oh, i’m making money I want to make more money and we’ve put energetically.
We stop that flow of having fun and being in the pleasure of it, and receiving, and immediately go to wanting money, but because money is not our God, and we do not have a fully embodied belief system about it.
It’s like we don’t worship it with every cell of our being the energetics kind of shift They’re like.
Oh, you’re just wanting to make money to make money it’s an energetic aspect.
So when you Shift your energetic aspects the being filled with pleasure over what you are doing, and I don’t care if you work at Mcdonald’s, I don’t care if you work at Walmart I don’t
care if you work at in retail or in a restaurant I don’t care if you’re selling MLM Products it can be whatever you’re doing if you work for corporate great.
Okay, I really want you to focus on using, allowing your money, making experiences to not be about money making, but like when I go to go to a vending aspect the first few vending things I did.
I was really excited because I thought i’d at least make my money back for what I spent to be there, and I wasn’t, and I was like man.
This kind of sucks, but I had a lot of fun, and so in was kind of like this.
I wanted to make money, but I also had a lot of fun, and but my main focus was to do this as a job.
So I went to another one, and it you know I didn’t even make my money back to get there like gas and vending fees and all that.
And I was like man. This really sucks i’m really not enjoying this.
So I try to get, and I and I have this mantra that I say every time I vent. “I am not here for everyone, but I am here for those that I am here” and I will shine My light as brightly as I can, and I will offer my nature, or that that comes innately to me, and I will ignite the light and the nature in others.
And this is something that sometimes I have to repeat a few times as I get caught up and like, Oh, am I gonna make money, and am I gonna do?
Well, financially right, and I have to remember like I made these potions because i’m passionate about helping people heal holistically.
I am here to share these crystals because they light me up, and they create very much a sense of joy in my life.
They lit me up, and so now i’m sharing these crystals to help light other people up, and so as soon as I shift that like, I don’t even know if you can hear it in my voice, there’s
a huge shift that happens my body, my shoulders, relax.
I open my heart so more. I am willing to be there.
My pleasure just got turned on.i’m i’m enthusiastic. I’m smiling and i’m actually there to connect and engage because that’s what i’m there for you and things shift and it’s really amazing, even if I don’t have a great financial weekend. I’m there create an experience of pleasure for myself and others, and that makes a huge difference.
I no longer look at events in the same way and yet i’m excited to focus that attention on the property here, so that we can really create a healing retreat Space filled with helping people get back to their light and holding space Here on our 22 acres, and that is really exciting.
Yet even now, because i’m shifting to create a new paradigm of kind of some money making opportunities that lack programming that I was nurtured with can came up? Are you going to make money? what are you going to do in the
meantime, what are you going to do? You know what I mean?
And it, like just starts rambling on and on, and I had to sit back in it, and I had to get really uncomfortable. and I and I was like man.
I’ve done this work, and here I am in the spiral meeting this again different time Different place, different experience, different circumstances? Yet it’s the same mindset.
So what am I? What am I gonna do with it? And I played with it?
I really just got to the point where I was excited about allowing money to come in, and every single time I get a cash app or a website order, and the money is in there instead of saying, Oh, man that’s not enough to do everything
I want to do. I looked at that number and I and I stop, and I feel I get filled with gratitude and awe that the things that I love to do make potions that people using them and they’re helping them heal they’re making them
feel better they’re helping them feel safe they’re allowing for them, the freedom to live life more fully.
And when I think about that, whatever money comes from that is inspiring, and it allows for me to be in absolute pleasure about receiving money versus pushing it away with a “money block” of being in lack so I would
love to connect with you over this next week and really find out and if you’re listening to the recording of this i’d love to connect with you over the next week of your life wherever you are in time, and space, and let me
know if you’re catching yourself and what you’re saying about money when you receive it, what you’re doing when money is coming into your life, It’s a really interesting aspect when you see that money is and energy, it’s
a currency. Abraham Hicks talks about in one of her episodes that there are in the law of attraction that money is like breathing.
It was such a great episode. She talks about money in breathing, and when you breathe in you don’t hold on to it.
If you were to to equate you money with breath when you’re breathing in, you don’t hold on to it.
You don’t try to keep it there as long as you can you let it go, knowing that there is another breath right there waiting for you on the outbreak.
You’re not saying, Oh, man, I can’t believe I just spent that breath.
That breath was really valuable and I shouldn’t have used it differently, and i’m so upset at myself that I didn’t use that breath correctly.
No, because there’s another breath coming, then you have the opportunity to maybe breathe in deeper and get a more full breath, and be more intentional with your breathing, or you could breathe really shallow and be totally subconscious to your breathing just like your money, or you can have this space where you get to take a full, deep, nourishing breath intentionally.Hold it for a few moments, so that you’re body gets hyper oxygenated.Release that breath and allow for the next breath to automatically come in. And if we were to do this with money intentionally, whenever we receive it, honor it. Take a moment of gratitude, deep fulfillment, and pleasure and awakening and nourishment, feeling safe feeling, loved feeling accepted, not because how much is in our bank account, but simply because we’re being and not tying all of that to money, or to breathing, or to anything else, and then, when it releases, or when we get to use it, to pay for our housing, or our food, or our electricity, or our water, or our car payment or all the things that bring, you pleasure. and there’s even pleasure in the spending and real real, like amazing leisure in this ability to freely let out what came in, and to see that what comes in is exactly what needs to come.
In, so that it can go out. So you can live a life that that you desire.
And if you have some things that you know are going on in your life, it’s time to look at your subconscious programs, because those are creating the life that you have right Now, If you’re not happy with your life right now, you get to look at your subconscious programming if you need support With that reach out. This has been really fun. I am very much looking forward to hearing how you flip your experiences to creating more happiness.
Not that money makes your happiness because while it takes money to get certain experiences that doesn’t always have to be the case.
You can go if you’re wanting to be more in nature, and you feel like you need a vacation. Go to take a walk and find a nature setting, find a nature center, find a trail, find somewhere. If you’re in the city, look for nature. It comes up everywhere. it’s through the sidewalks it’s in the trees. it’s in the grass.
It’s in the flowers it’s in the birds it’s in the clouds. It’s in the stars. it’s in the moon you cannot get away from nature, and nature is not going anywhere.
So you’re not in there your innate nature is in there, buried and hidden sometimes under a lot of nurtured programs.
An Incredible ritual to do is to create awareness around your money energies. Create awareness around your money mindsets and it’s not about creating a millionaire mindset. It’s, about creating a awareness so that you can thrive i’ve done so much work with this and hired so many coaches, and I realized that that wasn’t me which is why it didn’t work it wasn’t my nature to to have a millionaire mindset it.
Just my nature didn’t jive with that and I was trying to reprogram my brain against my nurtured programming to something that didn’t wasn’t in integrity with my nature programming so I want to touch on this for just a second, because if you’re trying to implement a new program that goes against your nature, and your nurture. It’s it’s it’s going to be very tricky and it’s going to be something that you have to do every second of every day and create total awareness and live in that reconstruction mindset.
If you can find your nature and your nature’s aspect of financial flow, which, like Esther Hicks, talks about breathing, if receiving money and having money flow in. And now is as natural as natural can be maybe that’s a mindset for you where you’re not feeling so guilty about spending, and you’re not feeling such a lack about receiving knowing that there’s going to be more that comes in because there’s more that needs to be spent, or for me. Mine is nature of abundance with winter abundant.
Right here. I step out, and I look at the stars every night, and I just realize that Nature is she generous abundant, and yet there’s seasons for it.You know everything is kind of hiding right now, in the winter and It’s okay to hide away and to store some extra things for winter.
We end up spending all of our money in winter at Christmas time, rather than saving all of our money for those lean times. So is, you know, that brings up capitalism and consumerism and our culture. That is based on that. What if we shifted to handmaking all of our Christmas items, and not just extracting all of our financial aspects at Christmas time? Then come the leaner months of January and February of winter.
Then things would be more in the flow so again, as you breathe it in. You can breathe it out. But when you’re breathing it all out, all at once, pushing yourself to the limit of spending, tell you have nothing, and then going. -oh!
Now I have nothing that was not that breath took the life out of you for a little bit. and now you’re having to recover for these next few months. It’s an interesting aspect when you think of Nature even in the leanness. Times the native Americans called the Moon of around February, mid February, the the moon of the bone, the bone moon and it was because there was only bone broth to eat. And so when you think about nature, you know they have the corn moon, and they have all of these moons that rotate around the harvest.
And so in this time of february a lot of people are waiting for their tax returns. There’s this energetic time before every thing is birthed out of the womb of the earth. The seeds are still under the earth things are still hibernating.
There’s the cold, and the rain and the snow so know that there is a season for everything, and this is where the rhythm comes in, seeing that there’s a rhythm of the moon of being full to dwindling to nothing to going back to breathing to being full, and seeing that in your own life of seeing there’s a paycheck that comes in, and maybe it dwindles down to nothing and Then you’re going back towards getting another paycheck notice notice what you’re doing with that money.
When you have it Are you feeling intense pleasure when it’s leaving? Are you feeling intense pleasure, or are you feeling like you’re grabbing at it, trying to keep it so that it doesn’t leave you right.
This is really really important stuff to create awareness around. So, as your money is flowing out of you, I want you to have the same pleasure experiences as it does when it flows into you, and this is going to make a huge difference in your “money mindset.” so focus on nature and see the abundance of nature around you. That is your nature. Your nature is meant to be free if you don’t feel free. Then look at maybe the things that you have around you that you feel like you have to have, because that was how you were nurtured, and ask yourself, Do I want this?
Because this is how was raised to live? Or do I want this? Because this is my nature, and this makes me feel good me not as trying to keep up with my parents success, society, capitalism, consumers, and blah blah blah!
It took me a lot to get to the point where I extracted myself from society, because that’s my nature.
So I live on 22 acres of wild timber in Southeast Missouri, in a converted school bus, and we’re building an Earth bag home, and we’re living in a very pleasure-filled way for me, waking up and being acclimated to the the cold around me, and being deeply connected with nature, and seeing the birds and connecting with the moon every night, and having fires and all of these things really fuel my nature it’s, and it took me a long time to release the expectations. The societal whims of what success is the and I just care about nurturing my nature now, and and not keeping up with how I was nurtured. If you want to have more conversation about this or if you have questions, or if you’d like for me to do a podcast episode on something that I’ve talked about specifically, and to go into more depth or detail about that I would actually love to hear from you so you can always leave a comment. If you’re watching this on Youtube on spotify you can go to and fill out the contact form or I’m on Facebook magical mothering or Stephanie Mathews and I am so incredibly grateful that I got to spend this time with you.


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