Valentines Day Pleasure Podcast!

This is the first Spiral of the Year podcast as well as the February Magical Mothering Method healing session. I am so excited to present this podcast! You can listen below or find Spiral of the Year on Spotify Apple podcast. Oh and if you couldn’t tell by the title, this has Adult content.

Here are the show notes:

16:00:27 Welcome to magic mothering method February’s healing session.

16:00:34 And this is also going to be the first podcast episode on spiral of the year.

16:00:45 So, February, The month of love. I love February, my anniversary was yesterday. I love, love. magical mothering is all about unconditional love and acceptance.

16:01:00 I love all aspects of love. since we know love romantic love, friendship love, motherly love, Earth love, nature love ,you know like I just love, love, it feels so good to love.

16:01:18 And so I want to create some space right now to talk about some things that are not usually talked about, especially in the healing mothering crystal paradigm, and that is sensuality female orgasm female ejaculation Yoni eggs pleasure.

16:01:45 All of these things that are taboo in a sense, in a lot of the mainstream world. And I’m excited to jump off my podcast, this episode in particular because it’s been coming through my mind a lot coming, no pun intended.

16:02:06 So, let’s start with what is love.

16:02:15 You know that’s kind of an interesting question.

16:02:17 I don’t think love has to be just a, you know, love comes in so many shapes and sizes, and I get told a lot.

16:02:29 Even when I’m in a vending situation. I have a lot of people who I’m friends with and I’m going to, I’m saying hey love you and see you soon Bye Love you, love you and I say I love you a lot to a lot of people.

16:02:45 And these people can be friends they can be acquaintances, they can be my children, my husband, but the word love is is used a lot in my home it’s used a lot in my Facebook I love post, rather than like them.

16:03:00 I call people by the name love hi love How you doing, and so the word love and that expression of love, I think is so we don’t have to narrowly define it.

16:03:13 I think it can be so much broader, and so much more acceptable but it’s often awkward to use that same essence of love inward. We’re almost taught that loving ourselves is a selfish act.

16:03:33 And that’s why there’s such a big self love movement, because for years, millennia, especially as women. Not only were we not, you know, actual humans, we were seen as property for the past 5000 years.

16:03:51 So self love self pleasure.

16:03:56 Learning how to experience sensuality, experiencing love in a way that we’re not deemed property that we’re truly love for who we are and not the merits of our works, or the expressions of what and who we are is a big deal is a really big deal.

16:04:17 So, there’s so much here to unravel that I’m sure this is not going to be just one session in all of this because I would like to get into doing some actual visualizations.

16:04:31 I do have on my YouTube channel, a womb healing I have a whole Yoni egg and wound healing video already on my YouTube.

16:04:44 So, I wasn’t going to redo a visualization that I already have posted somewhere.

16:04:49 But I did want to explore more of what is a Yoni egg, what is pleasure.

16:04:55 Why do these things matter. And in the context of history.

16:05:01 I think these things are really vital, things are very important.

16:05:19 And I believe that as we begin opening up these conversations to what is possible and why would we even delve down those rabbit holes or what does this have to do with healing. It’s a really powerful aspect to realize that some of these conversations

16:05:29 What Pete pieces and parts of sensuality sexuality pleasure orgasm, sex, love, what types of these things and what emotions come up with these words.

16:05:48 And oftentimes, it’s really just being able to feel our emotions and maybe respond in a way that we can actually voice those emotions and say, this makes me feel this way.

16:06:03 It took me many many years coming from a place of being brought up in the Christian church. And I thought that when I got married, that all of the shame and guilt and judgment around sex would literally just disappear because I was married now.

16:06:19 And it was such a horrifying realization that those feelings of shame and being dirty and having all of this guilt around sex did not just vanish because I said I do.

16:06:36 And I went, oh my, oh gosh this is like this is this is serious this is not okay I got married, I should be free of this, and I just celebrated my 11th year wedding anniversary yesterday so it did take a few years for those those aspects of guilt and

16:06:56 shame, and the realization that these are innately human pleasure responses and this is how we connect.

16:07:08 And so I think a lot of what sex is especially in the Western world, and America with pornography and just this kind of heightened violent aggressive sex that is out there.

16:07:25 It’s very difficult for women to look at what is being portrayed to them out in the media to find out what’s true for them in their own selves, there’s not a lot of room for self exploration, especially when you’re already a mom, your kids are always

16:07:39 around. It’s not like you’re really turned on any you know there’s there’s so much there and even if you’re not a mom. If you’re working a lot if you’re a man and you have a job that’s physically exhausting if you’re always in your head having that monkey

16:07:55 mind where your thoughts are always ruminating and maybe your anxiety levels always right there at the surface. There’s so many things that actually can keep us debilitated from actually experiencing true sensual pleasure and excitement and orgasm and

16:08:13 release. And there is a lot of research that I’ve done that, you know, especially when you’re looking at more tantric aspects of using the orgasm, or the pleasure response to connect on a spiritual level in the ringing cedars series Anastasia kind of

16:08:32 ruins it for the guy. After they create a child because they don’t even have sex, their energies merge, and they create a child through like this orgasmic all consuming oneness, and he’s like, I can’t have sex after this this was too great like you just

16:08:52 ruined the physical act of sex for me. So, there is kind of this exploration of what, what are your parameters, what do you want your sensual pleasures to be.

16:09:05 And I think these are so individualized I know only fans is a big thing now. And, again, are you expressing it for yourself, for your own pleasure, or are you seeking validation from that are you seeking acceptance from that are you seeking.

16:09:23 You know, outside aspects, so everything question everything especially when it has to do with your own psyche with your own influencing especially with your own abilities.

16:09:39 To be or not to be okay with something. So Yoni eggs or something that I entered was introduced to say, because we get so about six years ago, I used my first God egg.

16:09:57 And it was really interesting I love in my Human Design I’m a one three, which means that I’m, I’m investigative and then I like to like teach about it so I like to dive down the rabbit holes I love to do all the research and really investigate everything

16:10:12 and then I like to come back out of the rabbit hole and kind of share that knowledge and integrated and experience and live it. So, that for me is what I do, in every aspect of my life.

16:10:24 And so, when I went in and did some research on Yoni eggs finding out that they were used in China for thousands of years, and I love Chinese medicine, I do herbal ism.

16:10:38 And so, I honor and really love again that word I really love Chinese medicine simply because they have thousands of years of data, and usage and experiential logic and science behind Chinese medicine, an accurate acupuncture and that whole philosophy

16:11:02 there so much there, and it’s backed up by thousands of years of research, not just three or five, or 100. So it does make a difference and it’s same with indigenous medicine so when I do my own herbal practice at my own herbal practices and my own potion

16:11:21 making, and my own magic making. I really look to cultures that have been around a lot longer than American herbal ism, or even European herbal ism. I tried to go into sources such as Native American uses, and the Chinese medicine, simply because there’s

16:11:43 a longer, there’s a longevity to both of those aspects.

16:11:49 Because an herbal in English, or European herbal medicine, so much of the history was destroyed with the witch hunts. And so much of the practices with the church destroyed, a lot of herbal ism as well, making it a pagan aspect, making it a witch aspect,

16:12:08 destroying thousands of years of knowledge to not, you know, to bring medicine to the church, and that the church wasn’t really that wasn’t really the place.

16:12:23 I have a belief system that nature has given us everything that we need to heal. And if we learn and utilize and become one with nature and extract the things that nature gives us freely.

16:12:35 We can heal our bodies.

16:12:37 So, what is all of this has to do with the Yoni.

16:12:42 So with that, Yoni eggs is a practice that has been happening for thousands of years so when have Paltrow gotten a lot of trouble, declaring that Yoni eggs can help with all of these things so I’m not going to say that on my podcast, and it’s just been

16:13:00 that for thousands of years, the Chinese women and women since then have found that there is a possibility that you can have tightening of the vaginal canal incontinence, or that laughing, you know peeing while you laugh or P while you jump motions can

16:13:18 get tighten so that you’re not doing that so regularly, there’s increased sensation sensational aspects to it so you actually have more sensation happening those nerve endings are actually getting used in a way that is really gentle, which is really opening,

16:13:39 and especially when I prefer to use my Yoni egg exclusively on my own. I do not use a yogi a when I’m in partnership with my husband, simply because it is my sacred space and I’m really using it as a way to undo past traumas that I’ve had, through sexual

16:14:01 experiences. So when I first started using the Yoni egg, I was healing.

16:14:06 A few rape instances that I had experienced. I was healing traumas, from my labor’s and from.

16:14:16 And then just traumas from giving myself away right so so much of like that prostitute archetype is kind of wrapped up in the Yoni egg I feel like because the prostitute archetype is really about giving ourselves away in return for something.

16:14:35 So we physically give ourselves away with sex, or with the things that we make or the way that we dress to get something in return, whether that’s acceptance or love or security.

16:14:48 And so the Yoni egg. When you take it and you only use it in your own space and sorry men, women are the only ones that can use a Yoni egg.

16:14:59 The badge know canal she has like a ceiling.

16:15:04 So it can’t go into the body.

16:15:07 If you were to stick it into any other hole so this is not to be used in the rectum, it can actually go into the small intestines and you’d have to get it surgically removed so that’s not Yoni eggs are exclusively used in the vaginal canal, just want

16:15:23 to clarify that.

16:15:25 So, Yoni eggs, used as a person on I’m not saying that you can you can use it however you want, again, personal experience how ever you feel comfortable using one.

16:15:37 I know some people even buy a Yoni egg for their own use. That might be a little bit larger.

16:15:46 So here is a chameleon Yoni egg. And I love the Cornelia Yoni eggs because they,

16:15:55 they are orange, and so they go with the sacred center which is that womb space. And so sometimes women get a little bit of a larger and I get I get a lot of questions about the size, right.

16:16:09 So, size, I prefer something that you’re actually going to feel, because the whole point of using a Yoni egg is for it to be inserted.

16:16:21 And then for your muscles, the vaginal muscles to squeeze it back out. Okay. So, you need the muscles, to be able to wrap around something to squeeze out.

16:16:36 If you use something so small that the muscles are not having to work, it doesn’t give this same aspects, but a lot of women get a smaller eggs so that they can use it during intercourse.

16:16:51 And then some women get a larger eggs that they can use it on their own.

16:16:55 So, it’s really about personal preference. I tend to end up getting eggs.

16:17:03 I mean they come in all shapes and sizes.

16:17:09 So yummy eggs.

16:17:13 The color. The color.

16:17:16 I have colors for every color of the rainbow, and those kind of aligned with the colors of the chakra, so red or black would be the root chakra, which is really about feeling safe, feeling secure coming back into your body, really helping those base foundational

16:17:38 needs.

16:17:39 Orange is that sacred color again that womb space sensuality money is in the sacred soul, prosperity, all of those kinds of things, yellows are for the solar plexus so Tigers eyes, and eggs, things like that are for the solar plexus that confidence self

16:17:59 esteem, things like that. Green, or pink are for the heart chakra unconditional love self love, acceptance forgiveness. The trail, that’s held back here between the shoulder blades.

16:18:14 So, the heart chakra is a good one to use with a Yoni egg especially if there has been a lot of betrayal trauma, held in the womb space, through the heart, right.

16:18:24 Blue is the throat chakra really learning and healing the traumas for you not being able to communicate your needs, especially around pleasure sensuality, getting your desires met all of those kinds of things.

16:18:37 The third eye is purple and the purple one is really great for using more like a tantric aspect, opening up that third eye visualization, things like that.

16:18:49 And then for the crown. I don’t think I have one out but I do, I think I have one left. Clear quartz is a great universal and clear quartz can really be transformed into anything, and then can be used for all aspects.

16:19:03 So, I know I’m kind of covering trying to cover a lot of bases, right now but the Yoni egg is really about being able to feel.

16:19:16 And I know I’m going to speak for myself personally that there have been times in the past that during sex. I zone out, or I you know kind of just like, okay, you know, and especially when it was prior to a lot of my healing journey.

16:19:30 When I had sex as an obligation versus as a pleasure. And this happens in relationships. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. It just sometimes it happens.

16:19:40 And so by bringing a Yoni egg into your life, you can almost reactivate the sensations that feel good because you’re in control of the movement, you’re in control of how big or little it is you’re in control of how your muscles actually are working to

16:20:06 expel the Yoni egg from your vaginal canal, and all of these things are really important to build a strength in.

16:20:14 And then, the, the ultimate reason why I choose a Yoni egg versus a vibrator or anything else that might be like that is for the aspect that it is a healing, so the crystals themselves are going inside, or not.

16:20:32 Sometimes you can even just take a Yoni egg and hold it, where it would be sitting. Okay. And you can hold it externally there, if that’s something that feels comfortable, so don’t feel like you even have to insert it.

16:20:46 I often recommend women just holding their Yoni egg in their pocket, or every night you know before you go to bed, over yourself and get really familiar feel so incredibly safe with that this is what it’s for.

16:20:57 It’s not just a shove up there. Like everything else you know it’s it’s really about creating a connection with the crystal and allowing for that crystal to connect energetically with us, so that it can hone in and find those traumas that are stuck in

16:21:15 the physical membranes and the physical body, because our traumas to do get stuck in our physical body as a massage therapist.

16:21:23 I massage so many people that it would be like why isn’t this releasing and it was a memory attached to it and as soon as they started sharing and working through the traumas of the memory than that part of their body actually physically release as well

16:21:37 so, so much of this journey is mentally being present enough to physically experience the emotions, the push and pull of the egg.

16:21:53 What memories come up and being able to be brave enough to have a journal and write out those memories, get them out of our physical body.

16:22:02 I always suggest using a Yoni egg in a bath, simply because women are juicy women have a lot of juices and their you could XP while you’re pushing it out and it’s all those things and so being in a bath space is really nice because you don’t have to worry

16:22:26 about making a mess, and there’s so again there’s so much shame involved with like the fact that we have this juice that gets everywhere and it’s messy and there’s often this kind of like, oh i.

16:22:42 So, you know, there’s a dirtiness associated with it at sometimes at least if you were raised how I this is my own personal experiences of moving through this.

16:22:50 And so in the bath it’s just a really relaxing space.

16:22:53 If you don’t have a bath you don’t have that option. I recommend laying down some towels in a bed, and making your bed kind of really comfy and warm and surrounding yourself with pillows and blankets and just being able to really release in a way that

16:23:10 feels comfortable, and so by having the towels there you don’t have to worry. And this is this this is the same for learning how to ejaculate women can learn how to come.

16:23:25 Just as men do.

16:23:27 And yet, it takes a lot of practice because again for thousands of years. We were property. We were not humans that had our own sensual needs and desires and while there were probably I’m assuming quite a few women in history that were given the luxury

16:23:44 of being able to hone those skills.

16:23:48 It was probably because they were actually in a role of, you know, a sex worker, in a way, they worked for the king or they were a concubine or they had a special talent, right, and they were sought after all over the country because of their ability

16:24:04 to ejaculate.

16:24:05 But as the average woman. This was not something that you could really play with in a way that made sense you couldn’t just hone your ejaculation skills in the past.

16:24:19 You were too busy raising children and having all of these other things that you had to do to have the frivolous city of being able to just learn how to do a skill that wasn’t pertinent, right, I’m sure men would have really enjoyed it.

16:24:31 If they would have realized that we could have had that skill.

16:24:35 And they would have given us the time to do it but that’s neither here nor there.

16:24:40 So, there is a there’s a lot wrapped up in our history.

16:24:46 In our emotional capacity in our ability to be cognizant of what we actually feel so a Yoni egg and pleasure and

16:25:04 all of these aspects and if you’d like for me to go into more detail I can, I can get some diagrams and pictures you know like drawings and stuff, of how to actually learn how to female ejaculate so if you’re interested in that, please let me know and

16:25:20 I can make a blog post about it, giving more detail, otherwise you can look it up there are whole podcast, dedicated just to that practice.

16:25:32 So, as we move into or through to pleasure.

16:25:44 Pleasure doesn’t have to just be sensual pleasure doesn’t have to just be sex. Pleasure doesn’t just have to be like touch and feel. There can be so much more that is pleasurable.

16:25:56 I’m writing my book right now and I’m really writing it, I’ve been writing a book for about six years, and it’s now coming through like all the pages are coming through and we’re everything’s going is coming through.

16:26:10 And that is so pleasurable. There’s such a sense of accomplishment within that is coming through right now of being able to articulate and space, and beautify all of these expressions and things that I’ve learned, and I am so passionate about that I get

16:26:30 to put into this beautiful work, and birthed this into the world. It is extremely pleasurable. And this brings me to that book orgasmic birth thing.

16:26:43 I truly believe that prior to women not being equal, I believe there was a time.

16:26:51 And it was most likely, more than 5000 years ago, that women were equal, they were equivalent with men. And at that time, because they were not enslaved or property.

16:27:06 They were able to enjoy the pleasure of birth and I don’t believe that just, you know, it’s, it says in the Bible that women are meant to toil through labor and I personally don’t believe that’s true, because I’ve seen hip no birthing and orgasmic birthing.

16:27:27 And I know that there can be so much pleasure in the birthing experience so I think that’s actually a belief system that is caused more pain during labor.

16:27:39 But that’s just my own. I’m going to be saying a lot of kind of things that are outside of the box, and I really just want to reiterate that these are my belief systems and I honor whatever you believe if you’d like more information about anything that

16:27:52 I have to say, and are curious about where I’m going with all of this.

16:27:58 Please feel free let’s extend this conversation I have a Facebook group. And I’m on YouTube, I’m on Instagram. I have a tick tock so if any of those aspects if you’re wondering how to get ahold of me or maybe wondering what more there is or what I’m talking

16:28:15 about in more detail or you want me to do more podcasts about certain subjects, please let me know so that we can continue this and go deeper into this understanding.

16:28:25 And so, with orgasmic birthing again that’s essential aspect, through, they say that the same way that you make the baby is the same experience that you should have having it.

16:28:39 And that’s a really revolutionary statement, especially because most women are going into the hospitals, having a baby hooked up to all these tubes and you know drips and Ivy’s and monitors around their belly they can’t move.

16:28:55 They can’t express in a way that they would have creating the baby. And so there is a aspect of really on rattling.

16:29:16 Our misperceptions, or our current perceptions around every aspect of life. And that’s really what this is going to be the spiral of the year and the magical mothering method, and even magical mothering itself is all about re remembering and looking at

16:29:34 the way that we just do things, so that we’re not just doing them anymore so that there’s an intention behind them, so that there’s a thoughtfulness so that there’s a mindfulness in every detail of your life, so that you’re living an intentional life.

16:29:53 And to me that’s what magical mothering is is really taking the mundane aspects and making them, magical, making them extremely pleasurable. And this is a way to wake up and be turned on in life.

16:30:14 And that is really what this whole thing is about.

16:30:18 For me, it is about helping people, mainly women I do work mainly with women helping them get turned on to life, and especially when like the mundane of the dishes in the cooking and the cleaning and the work and the driving to work and the commuting

16:30:36 and the being on zoom calls all day and having the migraines and gaining the weight and all of the things that just play out in life.

16:30:46 Getting the bills you know what I mean like, all of these things add up. And if you think about it.

16:31:07 Every day, there could be something that could potentially take your turn on away. You know you getting a bill in the mail or getting, you know, having to use a credit card and being in debt, and this reminder of being indebted being a slave, is a huge

16:31:09 turnoff, and this is why being indebted is such a powerful way to control people, when people are in debt.

16:31:21 They are controllable their slaves, they have to stay in the system they have to work they have to make money they have to have to have to. And that is a huge turn off, suddenly we’re going, how do we make money How do I do this, I don’t have enough there

16:31:35 isn’t enough.

16:31:36 And we’ve stepped away from gratitude, we’ve stepped away from being intentional, we’ve stepped away from our rituals we’ve stepped away from knowing that we’re independent free human being, because we’re a slave.

16:31:48 And so, I currently had to get back into debt in order to purchase the property that we’re on so I’m speaking from experience, the past three and a half years I was completely debt free, and I was a free human being, there is a different feeling to it

16:32:05 so there’s again, tons of podcasts about how to get out of debt, I would highly suggest looking into that aspect as well. But the whole point of that is when you have the ability and you can get turned on in debt, I promise.

16:32:24 It’s not something I don’t want anything that I’m saying to go, oh okay so when I do that, then no we’re not doing that here it is, let’s do that now.

16:32:36 As you’re getting out of debt let’s do this now while you’re playing with these other healing aspects let’s create pleasure. Now, let’s create being turned on.

16:32:49 Now, there’s no waiting, you don’t need the perfect environment you don’t need to move you don’t need a new job, you don’t need a different boyfriend.

16:32:56 I mean, you might but you don’t need to get rid of your husband like you don’t need to do anything differently. In order to completely change your life now.

16:33:06 So, how do we do that how do we start getting turned on. And so I just want to sit back and

16:33:15 just see for a moment where in your body, and if you’re driving, or if you’re in somewhere that you can’t do this like don’t close your eyes. If you can just tap into it, you know that way but, be mindful of your environment.

16:33:31 So, tap into where in your body. Do you feel turned on, some people it might be very clearly like you can feel it more in love that you know opening more in the clitoris more in the tank area.

16:33:49 You might feel a very much in your root chakra, others you might feel turned on, like in your heart space your heart space might open up and you’re like, Oh yeah, that feels really good right.

16:34:01 Or you might feel turned on, intellectually you might just be so revved up in your intellectual capacity that like you get turned on doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku totally possible so I really want us to just see where in our bodies.

16:34:22 Where is our turn on. Where is that, how do we move that space, how do we Rev. That engine up a little bit more right so just kind of sense where it is.

16:34:37 And then I want you to imagine that you’ve got like a from one to 10. Okay, you’ve got this dial in front of you. And while we’re sitting here. I want you to turn the dial up.

16:34:51 Okay, just like one, just turn the dial up and see if you can actually control.

16:34:59 This, this turn on feeling.

16:35:01 And again, it can be very sensual and sexual or it can be very intellectual it can be very loving and nurturing, it can be but I want it to be really turned on, like, really excited really open you should feel your chest opening.

16:35:17 You should feel your like your heart opening you should really feel your whole body, wanting to open up to this experience, and no like no bringing your shoulders in no like curling up should be happening note, everything should be pulling towards your

16:35:35 back and opening like you should want to open your legs, she want to open your arms, really want to maybe moving you should feel like this opening that is happening in your space.

16:35:48 Okay.

16:35:50 And so now what happens if we turn it up to three.

16:35:55 Continue, maybe adding some movements to this, maybe like doing little circles with your hips, or pulling, open your chest and opening bringing your shoulders together, you know, opening your body and seeing if there’s this aspect of this way to feel

16:36:16 more turned on. Okay, we’re going to level it up to, like, five. Okay then we’re going to stop there because you can you can do the dial the rest of the way when you’re on your own.

16:36:26 But this is a really interesting like feel in your body, body starts tingling there should be like some very real sensations of just tingling sensations and every cell is like hyper aware.

16:36:43 This is being turned on, being so in the moment that like you cannot wait like you can even touch your own skin and you can feel this tingling and this vibration of just being turned on.

16:36:58 And it’s very exciting. It’s very exhilarating it’s full of vitality because that’s what life is. And so if you start living from this place of being turned on, rather than turned off.

16:37:16 Right. And just like I’m not in the mood. I know that it’s so easy to go there. Or, I’ve got to do the dishes and the laundry and the housekeeping and go to work and I’m tired when I get home and I still have to do all this stuff.

16:37:28 Stop. Okay, just when you get, I get to that mindset to but when you get to that mindset. You literally want to like put a huge stop sign in front of your face.

16:37:38 And just stop.

16:37:40 Okay, so you get in your car and you’re going to work, get turned on, turn it up to, like, five and just like get turned on, I don’t care if you like your job get turned on, because if you are turned on and you are like your engines are revved up all

16:37:57 the time, just enough people are going to be like, Whoa, your, you know, whatever you do, is going to be turned on that much more.

16:38:08 And then from there, it’s just exponential, then you’re turning on the people around you because they can feel that energy and they don’t know what it is because nobody walks around turned on right like.

16:38:19 So, as they’re as you’re walking around and doing what you get to do. Now what you have to do, you get to cook dinner, you get to do the dishes you get to put your kids to bed you get to drive away in a car like you get to live in a house you get to have

16:38:34 nice clothes you get to put shoes on, you know, like when you’re turned off there’s no gratitude, there’s just this victim of having to do everything.

16:38:46 When you start getting turned on. Everything is like, wow, I get to put on these amazing clothes. I get to go to the store, I get to buy groceries, I get to pay my bills.

16:39:01 I get to drive away in a car I get to have a job, everything becomes like so immersed in gratitude, because you’re just turned on.

16:39:13 And just like when you have really good sex. When I really good sex I say thank you.

16:39:19 I say it all the time.

16:39:21 You say, like, I just thank you.

16:39:24 Thank you for, for being present with me. Thank you for creating this experience, you know, start being grateful for these experiences and start getting turned on, prior to even being intimate with another person get turned on.

16:39:42 Prior to that, so that your engines are revved up so you are in the mood, I get it. There’s so many emotions that can turn off.

16:39:50 These this turned on so easy to get the flip to get the switch, flipped off.

16:39:58 But I want us to create so many intentional moments in our day and that’s really where the book is about is creating ritual and rhythm and connecting to nature through herbal medicines and herbal lower that, you know, everything in nature is a reminder

16:40:17 to get turned on everything from the sunrise to sunset to the moon rise to the stars to the trees out your window to the birds to like you will have so many intentional reminders, all day, even if you’re stuck in a building when you look out or maybe

16:40:32 you’ll have a calendar that has nature like anything in nature is going to be a reminder to get into that intentional space, and to get turned on, and to be turned on, and to just find pleasure in all of it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the brilliant,

16:40:51 the dumb, the horrific, find ways to just allow for your body to experience all of these sensations in a way that has no judgment or no perceptions of judgment, and suddenly it’s like, oh that’s scary right we were like, I’m inhibited, there’s no fear.

16:41:19 We’re just feeling. Without this judgment, the anxiety starts diminishing because it becomes curiosity. There’s so many aspects that can happen through this aspect of pleasure.

16:41:35 And so

16:41:39 I’m hoping there’s going to be some questions from this because this is a topic I really, really enjoy, and I am going to expand on this through podcasts in the future about the rhythm method and, like, using herbs as contraceptives or his birth control

16:41:56 really gaining ownership of our bodies, because again, we’ve only been free human beings that are not property I’m speaking of us as women.

16:42:06 For a few hundred years like that’s not very long, we only got the right to, like, we haven’t even been able to vote very long we have been property for so many millennia.

16:42:19 So, giving back, women to themselves, and giving back, ourselves, to each other, and allowing for us to not own or dominate anybody in our lives. You do not own your husband, you do not own your children, you do not own your wife, like the are free, human

16:42:40 human beings who are choosing to be with you.

16:42:44 And that is a powerful way to experience a lot of pleasure. When you realize that these beings in your life, actually are choosing you as their mother, they’re choosing you as your wife, suddenly you have value.

16:43:01 You are worthy, they you know if you get a compliment about anything your looks your cooking. Your smile, your abilities at doing your job well. These are all aspects that are so profound, and need to go into like a bank to turn that dial up and keep

16:43:21 that dial that pleasure dial that turned on dial. Every time you get a compliment of doing something well.

16:43:29 You might have to just give yourself a compliment every day I know that there’s so many ways to do this you can get a jar and write out a compliment, a day, put it in the jar and on your birthday read all the amazing things that you know about yourself.

16:43:42 There’s so many ways to do this and really light up your life. And so this is really about, especially this month, being turned on to life and allowing for our lives, to be a light, allowing for our lives, to be lit up to be turned on to receive pleasure

16:44:10 in everything that we do, whether it being experiencing a Yoni egg or amazing sex to cooking a delicious meal to having a, an amazing all inspiring moment of watching the sunrise, or the moon rise.

16:44:31 Being in a space where you have eyesight and hearing that you can look at birds crossing the sky like.

16:44:41 There’s so much to be in gratitude about, and to be turned on in life about that you just have to get the dial turned up a little bit. And then as you start getting more and more turned on to life.

16:44:52 The dial is going to go up higher and higher, and soon you’re going to experience pleasure in so many aspects of your life, that it’s going to be remarkable.

16:45:01 There’s going to only be these few moments of having drama or emotional aspects and so much of the magical mothering method is that system that step by step for 52 weeks of giving you exactly the tools that are needed to go through and create new coping

16:45:22 skills so that you can really use life and be turned on by it and use it to create the life that you desire the life of your dreams, rather than going through this life that is hard and miserable in a struggle and dramatic like you’re choosing that right

16:45:41 now. That’s harsh to say but you’re choosing that, because at any moment you can decide to choose something new.

16:45:49 It doesn’t have to be radical you can actually take the steps to really do it in a way that’s really loving and supportive and I do help women do this I help women go through step by step.

16:45:58 Completely recreating their own lives, to make their lives that magical lives of their dreams. So I’m excited to hear about your own turned on this, I want to hear where it’s stored and what it feels like.

16:46:14 And if that dial worked I want to hear from you I want to I want to know if you have any more questions about Yoni eggs. I want to know.

16:46:25 Where are you, like, it has life been turned off and you’re kind of excited about this aspect of it being turned on.

16:46:31 I’m really looking forward to it if there’s anything else that sparked any aspects in you. I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can create and play more in this realm of unlimited possibilities.


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