New Moon Insights, Aha’s and Invitation!

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and now, and this welcome yay it’s a little loud in here.

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I hope you can hear me so i’m in my apothecary, and it has a metal roof.

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I feel like i’m yelling so let me know you can hear me.

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Okay, today. the new moon i’ve just taken the whole week off since the third quarter moon, which actually gave me 8 days.

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8 glorious days. I feel rejuvenated regenerated mainly for me.

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It’s cutting my ties with that constant picking up by phone for a week.

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Constantly checking my Facebook feeds, being on Instagram or tick to getting sucked into social media.

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So for me, really, taking that time to engage in the physical environment around me, you just feel what is going on with the need to have a connection with myself, because I feel like it is so easy to get on to Facebook on the Tiktok: on

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Instagram, now that there’s reels in those videos that suck you in one after another, to endlessly do the scrolling through Facebook, even though you don’t want to be doing and you like have So many other things to

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do so. it’s been so beneficial for myself to do this, and I did encourage some of you to join me in the let me know if you did, and quite a few things came through very specifically for me in my direction.

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And text. So I want to explain this a little bit, because I know that I can talk in circles.

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So I actually like wrote down myself some direction as to like here’s the topic.

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Stay on the topic is that is not easy for me I like to go, and i’m probably gonna do that a little bit.

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So, and not all of this is going to make sense and that’s okay, too.

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So there are let me see so i’m going live here.

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It’s a magic rather than on my public like see for a few reasons.

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One is, I like the connection. I like intimacy and when I am just a talking face on my public Facebook team.

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I don’t get a lot of interaction as far as people being able to share what’s going on in real time because it’s announced publicly on my Facebook fee, and so any type of video is shared that feed is

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right there which does not make answering questions. When I ask people things be able to really do that in the voter one way.

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So I am really excited to get the magic, mother and your Facebook group back going.

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I’m really excited to have the intimacy and the connection and the conversations that a few years ago it was had in the space. I don’t know if it’s possible with the algorithms that Facebook has implemented but I excited to give

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it a go, because this is something that has been really exciting and insightful to myself.

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So. your brain is just getting heavier

00:04:06.961 –> 00:04:15.211

Of that sound

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This is what so much of my resting time is

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Just being present to the noises and the woods and the energy and the elements around me, and it’s such a blessing.

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So i’m going to finish this up in the zoom which is available on Patreon.

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So if you’d like to become a member of people dollars for the month, join in that space.

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And so it’s a little wow so it’s here i’m going to be for the rest of the week of 2, called the full moon. so andrew can you hear me or is it just really loud it’s

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very louder here for me. so i’m not sure if it’s even if you could hear me or not okay.

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So I think you can hear me. So this you boom, has been so incredible.

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Just because I did step away from social media for a minute.

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I feel like every time i’m given that this week on a little okay, perfect.

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I saw the and just went away for a little you know tighten nature escape as well this past week.

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So it’s been fun kind of up on Facebook seeing what everybody that’s been doing the past week.

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And so me, I realized I started kind of whenever i’m in my time.

00:05:56.362 –> 00:05:57.611

I I really get a lot of kind of downloads of like What’s the direction of the books that i’m writing?

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And the question kept arising, How do I implement her whole medicine into this book and into the courses that i’m teaching?

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Because that is It’s asked so much do you teacher will medicine.

00:06:16.512 –> 00:06:22.462

I’m always like no not yet i’ve done wild and a whole box.

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This rain is getting crazy, which is so great we needed it.

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So going forward I can’t hear myself so i’m gonna also all of this. And then i’m gonna come into Facebook.

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And this is my owner divergence i’m like to concentrate, So I will be back in this.

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Probably a few minutes after this torrential down. more happens.

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