New Moon- Throat Chakra Lunar Cycle

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welcome. I’m Stephanie Mathews of magical

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And this is the new lunar cycle for the month of the end of August to September 20, fourth. and for this lunar cycle we are going to be focusing on the throat chakra

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so. So each lunar cycle i’ve been concentrating on one of the 13 chakras of the magical mothering method.

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And you can join in and get all of the goodies that go along with the 30 days of moon magic at Patreon.

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Com forward. magical mothering If You’d like to be a part of getting the Pdfs that I will have listed in the comments below, where there’s a private discord community.

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There’s continued conversations happening and this is all happening through Patreon.

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So the throat chocolate, the throat.

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Chakra is the energy space where we can communicate.

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And so one of the biggest things that we can kind of figure out very quickly is whether our throat Chakra is blocked or closed.

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So for me. through my own personal healing journey, my throat.

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It was very difficult to express myself even 10 years ago.

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There was this aspect of every time I went to go speak.

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There was a lot of emotion that came into my voice.

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There was a lot of you know, this overwhelm of not being able to articulate my thoughts.

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Well, not being able to communicate clearly, not being able to really share with my heart was or my desires.

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And having this aspect of feeling like my throat, was kind of shutting down.

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But lots and lots of emotion would come into my voice, and this is a telltale sign it.

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There are definitely things going on in their throat, Chakra inhibiting you, because most likely this was something that was actually needed to keep you safe as a child.

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So while a lot of our parents grew up in the in the generation, and or if you are an older individual, you were told you speak when you’re spoken to, and there was this cultural thing that children very much still today are not

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equal in, say in voice to the adults around them, They are children.

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This is something that I was very mindful of with my own children, that they had a voice that their voice and their opinions and their objections and their negotiations are heard and are honored because it’s taken me so many

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years to unravel that. And this is a societal thing.

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So when we’re doing this work and when i’m doing this work, i’m never blaming my parents for these aspects.

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I think that’s something really easy to do is to say Oh, well, I was raised like that, so it’s their fault.

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We never want to put ourselves in a victim. Space, especially around the throat.

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Chakra. We want to own our own voice, and we want to own the way that we communicate.

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We want to own whether we’re able to speak or not and so we get to eliminate and release the blame on anybody in our lives that may have contributed to this.

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And it’s okay, So I wanted to kind of reiterate that the healing journey and the 30 days of moon magic is really our own personal journey, and it’s not about forcing others to recognize their mistakes or their doings but to really

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unravel anything that is no longer serving you in your life.

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Stepping out of that victim space and into empowerment.

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And so through this aspect of really allowing for our voices to be heard, there’s an incredible shift that happens there’s an incredible awakening that happens when we’re able to speak and clearly communicate our desires and

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our voice and be heard. So, as we go through this space over this lunar cycle over these next 29 and a half days or so.

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There’s an amazing thing that happens. we allow for ourselves to be heard, not because we need to prove anything, not because we need to push our point on me.

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One, not because we need to convince anyone. I think a lot of times with the throat.

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Chakra. we immediately go into the other direction so because we haven’t been heard because we haven’t been able to communicate our ideas suddenly.

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We have to prove our ideas, and we have to convince everybody in our of our ideas, and they have to believe our beliefs, and that is not needed.

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It’s not necessary. We can try thrive in our own being space, clearly communicating our thoughts.

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Ideas, without the necessary or the necessity to prove that we are right.

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So this, that is, putting our throat chocolate in the other end of the spectrum of a very overactive, overburdened very much out of control throughout Chakra of shouting from the

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rooftops that You’re wrong your ideas are wrong This is just the other end of the spectrum of a very unbalanced throat.

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Chakra. And so, when we are sitting here trying to convince anybody, or prove that we are right, and that our minds are right, and that are thought are right, and that what we believe is right the rightness that is an unbalanced throat

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Chakra, and so, allowing for ourselves Good morning, Amber.

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Allowing for ourselves to really feel that we no longer have to prove what we are saying.

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We know longer have to have this stuff to back up our beliefs.

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We can simply choose our own desires. we can simply choose to communicate our heart.

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We can simply choose to believe and do, and trust our own truth.

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And that be enough, because I feel like a lot of times e especially in this Western world and in a world that tries to prove and push it’s, belief systems and its philosophies, and its politics on everybody else.

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There’s this aspect of really being true to your own convictions, and for me that is finding my solace my piece, my beauty.

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My spirituality in nature, and instead of trying to push that on and everybody, and when I first got into psychology and massage therapy and herbal medicine, I was always trying to push it on.

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Everybody. If this is right, this is the right way to go.

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This is the right way to do things and I realized over time that I didn’t need to convince anybody that those that are open to the thought.

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The those that are open to discovery or that are fine looking for other like-minded individuals will find me.

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And I don’t have to convince those that this is not for. and it’s such an ease I don’t have to go about life trying to push and push and push my belief systems on anybody and I don’t even have to

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push them on myself. i’m giving myself the grace to change my mind, and to allow for new thoughts and new discoveries, and not being stuck in.

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This is the truth. This is my truth. this is forever the way.

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And really allowing for the unraveling that the healing journey has given to me so i’m excited to hear what aspects of your throat chocolate you’re working on if you’d like to

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go into the discord and kind of share. Maybe your journey of being able to express yourself, or where you are in your journey, of being able to communicate clearly, or in the aspect of being heard being heard, is equally appropriate part of the throat

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Chakra when we speak and we feel like we’re speaking into a void that is very much the throat Chakra as well.

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We’re gonna be doing some neat tools and releasing and creating an opening of the throat chocolate.

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If you want to join in. I would love to have you in the Patreon Space.

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Patrion starts at just $3 a month. and it’s really just a way to share that you enjoy these Facebook lives.

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And that you are wanting to be a part of the community.

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So. thank you so much. I hope you enjoy your new moon.

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This new moon is really a time of discovery of allowing of awakening, really wanting to communicate your desires into practice.

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In 6 months from now we’re going to be on the other side of winter, in a way so allowing for this time to unravel, so that with these intentions, 6 months from now on the full moon, they can be fully

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birthed and planted and grown into, existed and manifested.

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So let me know what your new moon seeds are that you’re planting for this lunar cycle, and how this is resonating.

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