Chronic Fatigue Potion


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Chronic Fatigue can have many root causes from lyme disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, and many other autoimmune disorders. This potion is more about giving the body more energy and creating a space for regeneration to take place. If you are looking to manage pain and detox, the Fibromyaligia potion would be a perfect to take as well as the Chronic Fatigue. I highly suggest taking a break after 5 days of use for 2 days. This way your body doesn’t become dependent on the herbs but can begin to work on its own again.


Teasel, Buttercup, Pinon Pine Resin, Ocotillo, Motherwort, Muscadine, Violet, Prickly Pear, Cuscuta, Eucalyptus, Pinon Pine Resin, Ocotillo, Wood Sorrel, Rosemary, Dandelion, Ginger, Macha, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal 

Available in .5 oz  that will last about 3-5 weeks. Or Full oz that will last about 6-10  weeks.

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.5 oz, 1 oz


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