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The kidney and Urinary potion helps with so many aspects of the body! Did you know that kidney health is directly related to your immune system? So this potion helps boost your immune system, helps fight off infections such as UTI’s and yeast infections. It also helps keep kidney stones at bay and reduce ones that may already be growing. The kidney and urinary system helps eliminate toxicity in the body. The kidneys also play a huge role in energy and your adrenals. When you have good kidney function you are able to create sustainable energy throughout the day, have an immune system that functions well, AND have a body that is eliminating toxicity with ease.   I highly suggest taking a break after 5 days of use for 2 days. This way your body doesn’t become dependent on the herbs but can begin to work on its own again.


Horsetail, Ocotillo, Honeysuckle, Uva Ursi, Juniper Berry, Desert  Lavender, Red Raspberry, Yarrow, Pinon Pine River Birch, California Poppy, Salal, Lungwort, Manzanita, Carrot Seed, Cuscuta, Wolfberry, Wood Sorrel, Teasel, Daylily, Spiderwort, Boneset, Velvet Leaf, Ground Ivy, Smart Weed,  Elephant Foot, Cramp bark, Basil, Ethanol Alcohol, Quartz Crystal

Available in .5 oz  that will last about 3-5 weeks. Or Full oz that will last about 6-10  weeks.

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