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This is a full multi vitamin supplement that is taken directly under the tongue. It goes into the blood steam, giving the cells exactly what they need to create and function at optimal levels! The energy, mental clarity, and stamina that comes from this potion is felt very soon after taking it. Making it something that is great to take on those afternoons when the energy starts to fade or when you are still needing to do a days worth of activities. The herbs in this potion help with all aspects of health to make is a full body potion. Allowing for each aspect of the body to get the nutrients to function at its best for optimal health.

1 oz bottle lasts 8-12 weeks with regular use.


Henbit, Arizona Cypress, Lilac, Kale, Basil, Ethanol Alcohol, Woman’s Tobacco, Autumn Olive, Lambs Quarters, Day Lily, Teasel, Ginger, Wild Garlic, Mugwort, Rose Hips, Dandelion,  Pinon Pine Resin, Olive, Mulberry, Macha, Quartz Crystal


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