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This phrase or more often in the form of a question: Am I being a productive member of society? comes up quite frequently for me. 

Do this or some form of this come up for you? 

I have take the past 2 months to just be in my own skin for a bit. I realize that I will in fact just be until the very last moment before I need to get ready for an event or get something out to someone in the mail. Typical, ADHD behavior of only doing something at the last minute of a deadline. 

So I have had to give myself some deadlines with the book and planner. I am not as motivated as I was in autumn, I have a feeling that the season of everything planners and school has something to do with the burst of energy to get everything in order. Yet I have finally laid down the skeleton and basic bones of the planner. And have 3 full lunar calendar sections complete with dates and art but is still missing all the fine details of each day. 

I have been stuck at some points because this is new software that I have been using so I just allow for my brain to sleep on aspects until I get a clarity then hope back into it and finish large portions easily. 

This brings me back to this aspect of being a productive member of society. Thinking, being, and allowing are all ways of being a productive member of society as well. Taking time to allow intuition to guide you. Taking a moment to see what is possible. Taking a month to see what your next perfect step is. Going out into nature just to be in nature is vital. 

Waking up and having a fire in the backyard to watch the flames as the sun rises is a most perfect way to start the day. In fact that is how I have been starting the past many mornings. What if life was lived as if on vacation? Those words may not make full sense but what if this was something that you lived, breathed, and choose each day. 

Not a list of to-do’s but a clarity of the gift of getting to do the things you have lined up. What if they do not bring you joy? Can you shift a mindset to create this clarity? Want to book a session to do this? Or do real tangible shifts need to be made to downsize, or look into alternative ways of being so you can unshackle? 

There is no right answer. Just a knowing within you of what you truly desire. 

I am seeing more clearly each day that we get to decide exactly how to live this life. There is no right or wrong. You can literally choose to do whatever you desire to do. You just have to leave all your stuff along the way to free yourself. The stuff all comes right back. Trust me, I have sold all of my belongings on 3 different occasions, and I have more stuff than I know what to do with again. lol 

Life is not here to bring you suffering. Only you do that to yourself. You can choose to shift into a joy, allowing and releasing. I am here for you if you need support in making that happen. 

I love you and am grateful to have you in my life



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