This week was all about basking in overwhelming love and acceptance and i spent this week doing exactly that! I’ve never been one to hold a grudge or to save room for bitterness or resentment but never realized that relying on other people for approval and feeling the need to “save” others was a symptom of an injured chakra.  I’ve been taking the time every evening to visualize unconditional love moving through my entire  body using the initiation. I have definitely taken notice of the color pink, the farther i get into this program the more i begin to notice the visual cues. I feel like that has been an important part of learning to trust my intuition.


LeeAndra Kettelkamp

Nature and Music Lover. Won’t stop traveling until I’ve been Everywhere! 💚

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Stephanie Mathews · January 19, 2021 at 1:35 pm

Oh this is absolutely incredible!!! I love that you were able to receive the initiation and continue to integrate each night! Such a powerful way to truly reprogram your body to a new frequency!!

And this whole program helps activate the third eye, so by the time we get there it has already been healing through this whole process!!

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