Week 14

I didn’t realize how much my heart was hardened until doing this healing. I’m a very loving, kind and compassionate person, how could i possibly have a injured heart chakra? What I didn’t realize was that a lot of grief had accumulated and contributed to this wall I had built and had resulted in defensiveness and a need to “fix” other people. I’ve always felt things very deeply and feel other people emotions very deeply. Without knowing how to approach my own emotions properly, i replaced them with pouring myself into others. The healing gave me an opportunity to feel my grief and sadness and then create space to no longer feel pulled into others grief and sadness, etc. I love what you say at the end of the workbook about ‘simply showing people how to love themselves fully, by showing them by example”.

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  1. LeeAndra, I love your realizations and depth going into this session! It is amazing how hidden away so many if our hurts are so that we can stay light and help others! I am truly so grateful for your acknowledgment of where you created this in your life to cope and know can create even more healing in others through your healing!

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