Week 2- Angie Mizuer

I use a deprivation tank monthly and it worked out where I listened to the guided meditation a few times before my float so that I could remember it.  It was the most amazing experience and I felt so connected to the trinity.  I’m still mesmerized by that feeling and can get right back into it just reflecting.

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    1. I did this meditation a month ago and I looked through my journal about some of the things that I got from it that I forgot to mention earlier (which is alot).

      I truly believe that this meditation has helped me see my relationship with my children in a whole new light. I want to be a mother that helps and guides, not one that creates fear and competition. I enjoy the adrenaline from a good competitive sport as much as anyone else, but that is different than guiding and helping form the individual that is able to find a way to perform at their peak without that fear, anxiety, and emotional imbalance. I think I would have been a better athlete if I had more emotional balance as a child. I was nervous of the other children and how I looked opposed to being a whole person. I was a reckless teenager and young adult and had little self worth. It doesn’t matter where you grew up or what things you had, the things that matter most are confidence in yourself. I’m still working on that as I still have some fear of judgment on some of my actions. I have confidence in my actions but I am not open and don’t discuss my beliefs for fear of what others that are not in my circle will think.

      I wrote this in my journal on 2/11/21 shortly after the meditation.

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