Week 3- Angie Mizuer

The timeline therapy was interesting.  The way the memories are placed on a timeline makes it difficult for me to see them all at once.  I have so many specific memories about so many different experiences and different groups of people that they kind of come in waves to me.  I truly live day to day and have a hard time bringing the past into my current emotional being.  I appreciate all my experiences as they have made me who I am today both the negative and positive.  Although, there are things that have happened that I tucked away because I don’t feel they are necessary for my future.  That is kind of what the therapy is so maybe that is why I have a hard time throwing things out.  Maybe I have already done it without realizing it.

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  1. I love this awareness around your ability to be present. Often just taking the time to integrate the memories, not one by one, but all at once can create even more of the ability to be all in the now. Love your perspective on this!

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