The Moon as a Teacher

I had heard most of my life that the moon has an influence on us, yet I have never taken the time to truly listen to what those urges, influences or nudges have been sharing with me. I have also been a highly emotional person, often on the verge of being too loud or too much. I know that I laugh loudly, speak my truth (sometimes without the thought of what it may sound like) and I can be very opinionated.

What I didn’t know; by leaning into the lunar phases my life would shift in ways that I didn’t know possible.

The new moon through third quarter moon is very similar to how I have lived most of my life. In ACTION! I am a mover and a shaker. I am usually on the move, doing something, all the time. If I wasn’t doing something “productive” I was reading doctorate studies on plants, learning new coping skills through books, and always learning. I also am a 1/3 profile in human design so I love going down the rabbit holes and diving deeply into subjects to then integrate them through experiential learning. So my life has been lots of doing.

Yet there was this magical time prior to traveling that I spent lots of time “being” when my children were little. I would just sit with them or craft a toy for them. I would spend time being, just imitating their innate ability to do this effortlessly.

Then we spent the past 3 1/2 years traveling, doing, in action, in expansive growth and flow! It was radical and beautiful. And for the past 9 months (I really can’t believe that!!) we have been growing roots on our beautiful 22 acre wooded property in southeast Missouri. Home. The thing we spent all those years traveling and even more years dreaming of having one day. We arrived.

Yet then we hit the ground, literally, filling up hundreds of sand bags to build a bus barn that will now be a beautiful earth house. We carved out trails, created spaces, planted seeds, and are holding visions for dreams that we know are bigger than ourselves. Yet, “being” has been elusive for me after all these years of doing.

As a manifesting generator in human design, waiting to respond, is part of my design (for about 90% of us- this is the case.) And in all that doing, flowing and creating I didn’t need to wait, I was in the movement of flow. So when we stopped all that flowing, and jumped into lots of doing, I was getting tired. Seeing no break in sight, the work will never end here and I could feel myself getting into overwhelm rather than creative flow.

Then the idea of taking a week long break with the lunar phase came to me while doing the first set of 30 days of moon magic (The new moon on June 28, 2022 will be the start of the 4th lunar phase set, please join in!!)

This scared me. So I knew it was the right move for me. I didn’t know if I could actually create boundaries for myself to say no. I didn’t know if I would be able to rest. I didn’t want to disappoint myself and be a fraud. But I had been inspired, and I know that those really scary nudges to step out of my comfort zone are where huge transformation happen. So I said it out loud on a Facebook live. Knowing that it would hold me accountable to take the steps necessary. I am the provider monetarily for my family so it also seemed really selfish to take a week out of every month to not make money. Yet I knew this was something that could shift so many mindsets all at once for me. So I allowed myself to go to this new, uncomfortable space. To just BE.

The first rest week (the waning crescent phase of the moon) was exactly that, a rest week. I napped, rested, journaled, fasted, lounged and spent most of the time alone in my empress bell tent. It was incredible. I was inspired, excited, revved up and recharged by the end to that week. I was on fire and stayed lit up for the following 3 weeks of the lunar phases.

This last week (waning crescent moon) was very different. I could feel that it was going to be different simply because it was over 95 degrees everyday, sunny and alive. My prior rest week had been cold, rainy and very rest provoking. I knew it would be more about connecting and BEING then resting. And it was. I spent the past 7 days looking at the way I interact with my children, my husband and the world. I saw the way that I spoke at them, rather than to them. I saw how I didn’t give my energy to the things that they loved because I didn’t love them. I saw that my energy was so depleted that I was withholding the best of me for a rainy day. I was feeling used up and was only able to give from that depletion. I didn’t even know this was happening!!!

I had gotten into a complacent space in my family life. Knowing that they would always be there so I just gave in all the ways I HAD to rather than giving in a loving, unconditional being way. It may seem silly but I tell you this past week has changed my life.

I see my children as these incredible human beings who are seriously so fun to hang out with. They make me laugh and think. They are honest and dramatic. They have a way of being that is just so easy to be around. I had been missing out on all of this being on auto pilot trying to DO all the things that NEEDED to get done on my endless lists of property, work, and personal things to do. I had been missing out on taking the time to just be present with the most amazing people I have in my life.

We laughed and played so much this week. I was able to share what I do like and what I don’t like, I was able to see how I talk to them and examine why my tone of voice was like that???!! How did I turn into this woman who complains, is no fun and says no to living life? Oh that’s right, stress, bills, life, and soooo much doing.

So I stopped. I really looked at what I was doing, saying and being. I allowed myself to peel back those layers of complacency, stagnation and routine. I saw that I had allowed myself to be overcome with programs instead of my higher self. How did this happen?

I do this work all the time yet, I had missed the aspect of seeing it in my personal, family life. I use it in my own spiritual practice, my work but behind closed doors I was switching it off without even realizing it!!

This was a week of effortless reprogramming. Allowing myself the ability to have fun! Seeing that social media, text messages and the internet take up A LOT of my precious life and energy. Which is why on my last day of my rest week, I am already looking forward to my next one. Knowing that if one week out of the month can radically change my life this much already, I am eager to see this unravel.

I also got clear on the book, planner and ORACLE deck that I am making. It is in the works. I very much wanted it done by the end of the year, but I am releasing even that deadline to allow for this to flow through me. I allow myself to be in this journey to truly see what comes through this process rather than forcing or doing this process on my own.

If you are interested in joining in the 30 Days of Moon Magic with me, I invite you to join in! I go live on Facebook each morning (new moon through waning gibbous, then take the third quarter through waning crescent moon phase off) then post a daily PDF and the recording each day. There is also a private community to continue the conversation. I also do one on one’s, private retreats, and healing sessions if that interests you.

I so appreciate you being on this journey with me, and am here if you need any support in your own healing journey.



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