April 16- Full Moon PDF and Healing Session!

Welcome. It is our pink full moon, or the rebirthing full moon, as we are celebrating it in the magical mothering community.

Welcome welcome. If you are live in Facebook. i’d love you to say hello. So I can see you and interact I am on a zoom link as well that I posted on magical mothering Facebook page if you’d like to join in the zoom it’s a little bit more interactive that way. So hello and welcome i’m so grateful you’re here. I’ve been really bad about sending emails out to the email list. So if you’re on the email list will get that under control, and I will be better at that. But for now building up all the Patreon and lives to, I do want to share If you go to magical mothering com blogs and podcasts, you will see the Pdf. For the full moon right now. So i’m gonna just share that in the zoom Video: that way we have that there. So if You’d like to join in the zoom please find the link, I posted it in a few different areas, and then on Patreon and the website as well, so I would like to just start by just shaking off all the energy shaking off all the stuff from today. Shake your hands, shake your head, get your shoulders going. Take a breath. take a breath. The full moon energy is this is a 100% illumination. Hello, Cheryl, welcome. 100% illuminated today. It is so incredible to be in a space of illumination, and to be in a space of seeing things in a light that is not shadowed. That is not hidden away. No part of our lives right now are in the shadow.  Everything we should be able to see clearly. And so this is a phase of completion, a phase of fertility, a phase of abundance and transformation. And this is a time of releasing what no longer serves us not trying to start new projects Right now. This is really about looking at what is in front of you. Taking inventory is a great way of using the full moon’s illumination. What is, what needs to be looked at? Is there an inventory that needs to be taken of? How much abundance there actually is in your life, regardless of what your financials say, or debt, or anything like that, how much abundance is really in your life. Taking a look at your relationships. What is the relationships like? Are they fully illuminated right now is there aspects that You’re going? Hmm! This just keeps getting really bright and getting more clear to me about what I need to do to shift things or or not, but releasing what no longer serves you is a huge part of the full. Moon we do not want to do manifesting during the full moon We are releasing our desires, we are releasing our control. We are releasing what no longer serves us, and with the theme of rebirth as the theme. For since the new moon to the Dark moon this month it’s been really fun to see that what we are collectively ushering in we get to also release what is no longer serving us so is the way that the system is built no longer serving us as society, no longer serving us, is our environment. No longer serving us. so if you’re here I would love to just have you say hello In the comments, and that way I can see you. I can interact with you. So today’s a good day to make moon water charging moon water. Today is a great day to release energy that has been stored in crystals, especially those like black tourmalines and garnets rose courts. Hello, Dorothy! Welcome! welcome! Hello, Cheryl! Yay i’m so grateful you ladies are here it’s so wonderful to connect. So it’s also a great day to take a full moon healing womb bath. It’s also a great day to take a full moon bath, so you would literally go outside naked bathe in the moonlight. And so this obviously is only going to be available to certain people that maybe have that privacy or live in the backwards like I do But taking imagining that the the moonlight is bathing you, and to allow for it to just cleanse and release everything that is no longer serving you. This is a really incredibly illuminating experience to share with this full moon. So 6 months ago was the seeds that we planted 6 months ago, intentionally or unintentionally, unintentionally, are now blooming with this full moon. So if you do have a pin and paper i’m like looking around, and I don’t really have my pen in paper out.So i’m gonna get my pen and paper out i’m gonna pause for a minute. If you would like to get your own pen and paper out because I really enjoy taking the time to do the questions and to do the journaling here and now, because when we get off of this session whenever we’re gonna have time to do it right we’re not so. get a pen, get a paper out also have a piece of paper that you can. That is not something like not part of your notebook like don’t make sure that it’s just paper that you’re not going to save, because we’re going to write some things to release. On that. but then you can also have, like a journal, and such So on the piece of paper that you’re keeping I Okay, looking. Okay, i’ll pause i’ll pause Yes, Yes, yes, go get some paper, go get a pen. I will pause for those of you who have your pen and paper. Just take a breath. just be present with the moment me take a sip of your of a beverage. If you have one. This is not Store-bought. I save. okay. I found my P. and the little one had it of course right now it’s giving it safe. So you got your pen. You got your paper on the piece of paper that you would like to keep, maybe in like a journal, or somewhere that you’d like to be able to refer back to it. If you have one of my planners perfect I happen to bring my planner inside. so I don’t have it.

18:08:59 But today’s date is April sixteenth ,022 I’m going to open up my calendar to see so 6 months ago October, when you intentionally or unintentionally manifested your reality, and the full moon is bringing that into being right now. So I want you to think back of where you were in October. What was your heart, space? What were the desires that you were thinking of? This is why, having a new moon manifesting journal where every new moon you write down all of the things that you’re wanting to manifest, and then you can go and look back 6 months and read through it and see it and create space for it. so this is something that it’s really powerful, and I do add into the so i’m still creating. So I’m, sharing all of the pdfs and welcome to the zoom. Hello, Hello, welcome to the zoom. I I can’t see you while I’m. Sharing this, but I will pop off of this so that I can connect with you. So welcome every day I make a pdf for the moon, and i’m still kind of experimenting and exploring those, and so adding a new moon manifestation. Hello! Yang! Hello! hello! And then a full moon. inventory. So if you want to grab a piece of paper, we are exploring what we have brought into reality, either intentionally or unintentionally, of what we desired. Back uber this full moon made it manifest so for me personally. Last October. We had been at the property here for a month, and we had kind of kicked off. The other owners and we’re working on finding the money to make this land our own fast forward 6 months to now we now own the property. We paid them off for it. we’re planting trees we’re planting seeds. Okay, i’m gonna be quiet for 2 min and I would love to for you to write down Okay, there we go Welcome the cheerful one got us in the Zoom. I’m going to continue to do a screen sharing Sorry my Internet was a little off. Okay, Cheryl: Thank you for sharing Cheryl Cheryl shared in the on Facebook. And I will open the chat if you’d like to chat on the zoom. Your manifestation inventory of what you have managed over the past. Over the past 6 months. so Cheryl has said, abundance, freedom, peace, enjoyment, and new life, inspiration. I love that. Thank you. Share? Christopher, more flow, energetic understanding, multiverse levels of love, and taking it day by day, so good, so good, such good manifestations over the past 6 months! And if anybody else would like to share in the comments in either Zoom or Facebook, or if you wanted to be unmuted, if you’re on zoom and like to share yours verbally, i’d be happy to unmute you. I came up with friends as when we moved here. We had a big falling out with the family that we purchased the property with, and I was feeling kind of alone of like man. I just moved to the middle of Frickin nowhere Missouri. How am I gonna make friends? And I just started connecting with all the beautiful people from all over the country. And just really created that. So that was something that I really asked for of like friends, Dorothy. I left a job last september. very much intending to find one on my boy’s schedule, and I didn’t even realize that I did it. I love that not only have found one that is on their schedule, but 2 love, love, love, that when, like your high yourself, says this, is it. This is not what you need to be doing. you’re not in flow anymore, Right? like you need to quit the job so exciting. And this is what I love about. The full moon is, when we do a moment to to see that the full moon delivers the reality. Either that we have asked for intentionally or unintentionally, and it can go either way right. It can we’re asking for. It unintentionally it could be something that maybe we’ve sabotaged or something that we didn’t necessarily want. It could be things that are kind of creating some chaos. If our inner child maybe requested these things, but it also can be beautiful aspects of 2. No Jobs more energetic understanding aspects of new friends, and a property, As Cheryl said, abundance and freedom and joy. 1 Hello! hello! So the inner, the full Moon inventory is a great way to really allow for ourselves to see what we are asking for, and welcome Donna. So great for your huge Dorothy said girl I also asked to find more patience and to grow. I’ve asked for patients a few times and man that comes at such a steep price, because you just get more opportunities to be patient. Not necessarily more patience like man did. I not know it was going to happen in the way that it has. And I didn’t see it till right now I appreciate this so much, Dorothy, I love right. So the universe has the goddess the universe is such a funny way, sharing with us exactly exactly what we ask for exactly what we’re desiring to know, to learn to grow, to take, not for granted Write all of these things yet, Krista dorothy Oh, ran yeah I’ve learned to not ask for things in in specific like I. I do not ask for patience anymore, because I know that i’m just gonna be given opportunities to have to practice being patient. Do not ask for things that involve like making me a appreciate what I have, because often it is taken away or removed completely, so that I then appreciated what I had. Which is very interesting, right We often don’t know what we had until it’s lost, and the full moon illuminates that so drastically.

So with the full Moon inventory. This is a great way to see and to be extra mindful with the new moon in our G right, we will have a period of Dark Moon energy prior to the next new moon. And so, if you want to join in the 30 days of moon magic on the new moon for next month, I really would love to have you join us, because now that we’re seeing this flow of how juicy and potent that new mood. Seed crescent moon is to like plant our seeds, to then have them come into expectancy or birthed over the past 6 months or 9 months. So, Dorothy, let me see, the amazing part is, while I did not want that level of testing. All right. None of us do i’m so thankful that I can now apply it to the places I wanted it for. Yes, yes, yes, yeah. krista says you know spirit delivers unexpected ways. but always for our highest good. Yes, and for the lessons and the experiences I don’t know if I like the words lessons Kristen. I have talked about this before I don’t know if I necessarily resonate with the word lessons.  But I do resonate with the word experiences and until we’re ready to experience new emotions opportunities feelings other than what we were born and raised, and in the culture we were given the we Do ask for these things and so we kind of get the same experiences if we just keep asking for the same things in a way, until we until we experience them and feel them differently. Then we’ll get a different outcome dorothy says Ohy, appreciate that. I shall not be asking in that way. Yeah, I think we’ve all done that where you know, we start on this healing journey, and we say, show me what needs the most healing. That is a is, and really not fun. question say do spirit because we’re happy? Is it like rips open the most vulnerable part of us like until we’re just raw and laying there flung open and flayed open. and we’re like. Oh, yeah, that that does need healing. Oh, So So this is why, when I do healing work with people, I immediately go to the inner child. Because this is what is creating so much chaos usually in our lives. and I love that with the new moon we can really create seeds with that inner child playfulness, and then go and grow from there. Oh, man, Thanks, Dorothy for sharing Thanks, Christopher, for the feedback. I love this. I’m So Kind and I just say thank you thank you to those who are here present right now. the cheerful one Goddess Christa Dorothy. We’ve got Donna cheryl and if you’re if I didn’t say your name, please please please say hello. Can I just say how grateful, like, truly truly grateful, that I am for you? Be here to be in this community, to have incredible women friends. Goddesses that I love, and that I can like, be in the full moon energy, with, and collaborate and communicate with. Can I just say thank you for answering my manifested wish? 6 months ago. So thank you. Hi, tasha welcome welcome so grateful you’re here, and I truly mean that like I just want to sit in this for just 1 s. Women from all over the country. Hi! indigo! I see you. I know you were lurking and I couldn’t I couldn’t figure out who who was lurking Krista Yaya, yaya have so much put on your egg hut. I so appreciate each and every one of you for being present here today for being in this full moon, illuminated light, and for connecting in a way that is so authentic and real. And beautiful. So thank you. This is exactly my intention with creating magical mothering is to gather women from all over the world. We can simply share in each other’s space and be here so thank you, Thank you. Thank you. 

Okay, next we’ve done our full moon inventory of what we’ve manifested over the past 6 months. Now on a piece of paper that you do not mind burning, or tearing, or burying, or giving back, sending back to the earth in some way, shape or form. So sometimes. sometimes you can use, Write a message to spirits or ancestors, or your higher self. Guardians, angels other dimensions. You can write messages of what you would like, support with, or help with, or to be released and burn them. You can also make it like really clear, like, if you have a grandmother, or if you have a parent, or if you have, like a being, maybe even like a somebody famous who has passed on that you want their support specifically, you can write them a letter and burn it, and send it into the ether’s through smoke, and the smoke seems to pass through the veil easier. So there’s 2 ways really writing what you’re releasing you can either write it as a letter, or as a message to those on the other side of the veil to really allow for you to take action to maybe align things or help you see things from a different perspective from other aspects, and write them a letter to help them help you have them help you, or this is a rebirthing. You can write out what you are rebirthing in 2. Okay, So I do want you to include what you are releasing what no longer is serving you. The lessons that you have learned over and over and over and over again different faces, different. Maybe locations, same things. What you are saying? Thank you. I I have experienced this. I have learned this, i’ve grown from this and I do not need to continue experiencing it to get the message. so I have personally done this with being poor and having like a poverty conscience, have written down thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be poor to experience poverty at a level that I didn’t know where my next food morsel was coming from, where I didn’t know where the next money that I needed to keep my home over my route, you know, like the roof over my home. You can write a letter to poverty, saying, Thank you. I am so grateful for you you’ve taught me how to be very resourceful, and really share all of the ways that that has helped you. Then really make very clear. I am ready and excited to now experience by financial abundance. Money, physical, monetary money, in a way that I will be able to support my desires. I will be able to change the earth, and I will be able to, you know. Say all the reasons and ways that you’re going to use money I am going to uplift humanity. I’m going to be able to care for mother earth i’m able gonna be able to afford to eat better, so that I could support, not Walmart, you know, but local farmers and get that food.  You know what I mean, so really share in all the ways, and come up with some ways sharing like look. I have learned, and this is what i’m going to do this I’m going to put my money where my mouth is kind of a thing, and then you would bury this letter and allow for it to rebirth under the earth  Okay, So think of something that you are ready to release that is no longer serving you, that you’ve learned the lesson with, and that you would like to bring in a new experience. This are we having a full moon tonight. Yes, so this is why we’re doing this today. Full moon today. So welcome, Amy. Yes, yes, yes, full moon today. It is a full moon right now. Okay. 99.8. I think it was a. It was a full moon within the past few hours. So depending with where you are on the earth it’s as it’s as good as a full moon today as any So write down what it is that you would like to release what it is that you’ve learned from your experiences. If there is a new experience if you don’t know what the opposite is good i’m at work can’t wait Woo. Yeah, So if you’re you’re wanting to release definitely write this out bury it under the full moon. So it’s fully illuminated so that it is seen by all of the unit your higher self. Your guides, your angels, your entities, and they can all see that this is illuminated. This is going into the earth and the earth. The goddess Gaia is going to rebirth this for you. Okay, any questions. Anybody have any questions about this or is there something that coming up. And you’re like I don’t know if this like I don’t know if this is the right thing. there is no such thing as a right thing, but minor divergence that’s how it comes out. So, does anybody have any questions is everybody good thumbs up or hearts? If if you’re you’re getting it okay beautiful thank you Okay, I’m gonna give us 2 min. Obviously you can take more time after finish but I do want you to finish this today, and to go out and bury it today, preferably in a space. Maybe that’s not under a tree. but it is actually like in that is under the moonlight. Okay, all right. i’m gonna be quiet? Okay, It was a few minutes. Does anybody else have a page full all right i’d love to hear i’d love to hear if you’re brave enough if you’re comfortable enough I will share first that way you have a moment if you’d like to type it in to the chat or Yes, an entire page, Right? Right? Yes, yes, yes, good, Good. Good. Okay. I really just wanted to be present this and really to create space. So I started my letter out to the Great Mother. Great Mother! Thank you for the gift of my marriage. Thank you for the gift of my children. Thank you for the gift of my spouse. I am ready to Be a magical mother. I’m ready to release the mommy monster the scared the fearful judgmental guilty monster that I learned from the generations before me. I release the curse of the controlling warrior. God, woman, I release the warrior! God culture, and there’s so much in this lifetimes lifetimes of living under this warrior God matriarchal, I mean patriarchal feeling less than feeling like I have to control others in order to be in control of myself. So much goes into this, and all month 5 been really unraveling. What is goddess culture? and this I mean. For months since the since October I started this. And so, really allowing for myself to release anything that is holding me hostage to really stepping into the fullness of the goddess, that I feel that I am embodying. And so I will be taking this and burying it under the moonlight. So thank you, fellow goddesses, fellow magical women, for witnessing this for allowing me to speak that, and to be heard And if this is something that you would like, to say verbally out loud, because it’s really potent to be heard saying these things. if you’d like to, I can bring you on camera, and you can just share them or you can write them in the comments or you don’t have to share them at all, and they can just simply go into the earth, and she will hear them and release them for you. Time of release. So everybody’s good with that i’m going to and at any time, if you want to share, please do so. Another aspect of the scene this month is the sole Chakra it’s so. The soul. Chakra is a part of the thirteen-month magical mothering method program. It would be quite a bit to type. Yes, so you’re totally good.

  If you want to just share one thing, do you want to go on camera and share it. If you’re not comfortable to say nope otherwise something else. If you’d like to you can always take a snapshot of it, and put it on to the magical mothering. All right. You could always take a snapshot of it, or not in the magical mothering Facebook group.  That is another safe space to do so to just be seen. But this is not something that you have to like. Air your dirty laundry out like I do. This is it. It very much brings me pleasure to share these these aspects, and to be seen. So, thank you. but i’m very thankful for learning the that messes are okay. That chaos is okay in the Nora part of life. Yeah, yeah. For sure. Cheryl says, Thank you to my higher self I release all mental blocks, and, lack that I have mentally in the mentality. Thank you for the support of my new life. Inspiration would like to bring my peaceful spot. New homestead to fruition. I just want to breathe that in with you, Cheryl. Yes, yes, yes, really releasing any aspects of your own mental aspects, or blockages or aspects in your own mentality that are sabotaging or limiting you, or blocking you from being able to fully step in and rebirth this new aspect in this new location. I love that so especially especially so now that you’ve released these mental barriers.  It is really, really, really a potent time that in the new moons in about 2 weeks, and i’ll be making sure to do lots of videos. The new moon to plant those seeds of the homestead of the new location are peaceful, sacred space. I love that so. Yes, Dorothy. However, I am ready to find a more constant flow of the chaos, so that things can be a little bit more tighty and have a more consistent low dorothy, I love. That so is control. What you’re releasing so that things can what may feel like chaos because you can’t control them is being flowed better like being okay with not being able to actually lack of control correct correct like that  what needs to be released. The lack of control. Oh, okay so now there’s like no control whatsoever. And it’s just chaos got it got got it. so and control is very much a part of that like war. Like the warrior God, woman. the warrior godwoman is very controlling, very manipulative is like if you think of all the goddesses that were created after the warrior god culture, they’re all goddesses of war so very strategical and manipulative and dominating and controlling. And so when we don’t want to be that anymore. because so many women, our are more masculine, Then we go into this other aspect of being a complete lack of anything no structure.  But that’s not feminine either like look i’ve been looking towards nature and nature’s very while she’s in perfect flow. Look at the seasons. She never goes from winter to fall like she always goes from winter to spring, to summer, to autumn, to winter, always, always, always always so. Look at Nature. In the fact that she flows while there might be some days of like frost still in spring, because of winter, and some days of like jumping into summer that feel like in spring. There’s always this flow a consistency we know that we’re going to go from one to the next to the next. And so rhythm. I find for me that rhythm is always a beautiful way. to transition. Control into more flow is if I have rhythm doing daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal rhythms and rituals to guide me, and my life whereas I don’t have to control others because it’s just the rhythm and the ritual that is guiding us. So I’m gonna stop screen sharing Okay, I really hope this is not okay. This has been I just don’t see it sorry i’m not seeing those live transcription, so but it says that it’s there. So does anybody have a location that they want to share for where they’re going to be be bearing this sometimes visualizing like I’m. Seeing in the middle of our open field, and I can like see the darkness of the skies and the sun kind of and in the middle, like the clouds going passing over, and the moonlight coming through like hitting exactly that spot and the metamorphosis of this page becoming this release, and being eaten by all the bugs and the worms, and so sometimes Oh, I love that Dorothy Yes, so you’re gonna be burning yours, love it! The burning shit is so releasing it’s such a good way of like releasing of just like lighting it on fire. Whenever i’m doing a releasing of a fear I always burn it. So because this is a like a behavioral aspect for me i’m going to bury it. Just so. there is a rebirthing that comes from it. Because the earth is so good at rebirthing things it’s what she does. She takes things that are dead and decaying, and rebirths them. So we have a few minutes left i’m i’m here. so if there’s anything that you’d like to share. If there’s any things that you and I bring up if there’s any questions. If There’s any whatever If there’s something on your on your brain, and you want to share something i’d love to hear it in the Pdf. The Pdf. for today is available every new moon and full moon I’m making the Pdfs available to everyone. You do not have to be a part of the Patreon to get them. Otherwise the Patreon tears. They only start at $3. So. if you’d like to get the daily lives and things like that, and join in the private discord community.  That’s it. $3 $33 a month is when You’d get the daily Pdfs as part of the 30 days of moon magic. I would really love to have you join us over there it’s been absolutely incredible. It’s been really fun the discord group is really great, because it’s a a forum style space, so we can just chat like It’s really neat to just pop in there greed with some other women are going through for the day and going. Oh, man, that resonates so much, and just having conversations with other women in real time. Without the worry of it being on social media and in Facebook land. And it’s really in like this private safe space so that’s really nice. But if you go to magical mothering com, and you go to the blogs and podcasts thing in the menu, you can actually click on that. And in the blog, and for today there is the pdf. So it’s now going to be a 2 page spread for the months, and then the day. So Dorothy is sharing. There is a book I got from you quote a while ago. I just started, and I wanted to say, thank you it resonates so very much with everything going on right now. Well, that’s cool Wait! What book is it there’s a book I got from you. It is titled The Great Cosmic Mother Sounds so yummy sounds like so i’m gonna write that down the great cosmic mother. What’s really interesting is i’m finding the work that I share I’m.

Pretty isolated like. I don’t I don’t read a lot of other books that are similar to what I do, or what I share. And so it’s interesting when somebody does recommend something that there’s so many women who are sharing the same messages with just slightly different verbiage. All over the world right now. So part of doing the 30 days of Moon Magic is, I am going to be finally writing a book. And the 30 days of Moon Magic is going to be a like an accompaniment to being in the practice that is going to be in that book. So it’s pretty exciting yeah so the full moon the full moon. We often look at the full moon and see the the great beauty in it, and so it’s. I always love bringing it down to a practical level. So again, thanks for being here. Thanks for being present. Thanks for doing this rebirthing aspects and and work with me. And yeah, I hope to see you i’ve been doing Facebook lives every day at 10 A. M. Central time, and then again i’ve got the patreon where I share the recordings and the transcriptions and the Pdf. Every day, and then we also have a private discord community that were that i’m sharing in daily as well, so if you’re if you’re wanting to play more than just twice a month. But if not, if you want to just play on the new moon in the full moon. Come join us. it’s a way that I can share to the greater community. And then also, having that $3 tier is a way that I feel that everybody can at least be able to join in in a way that financially is not going to be a burden to So Yeah, let’s continue this sharing let’s continue this community engagement let’s continue this conversation. in the magical weathering Facebook group or on discord. If You’re in Patreon and create some space to allow for the unraveling and the rebirth process to continue so. Thanks for being here like ladies. Thanks for being a part of my life. Thanks for being a part of this space, am truly honored that I get to have each and every one of you here. You’re very welcome, Donna thanks for being here I really appreciate your presence. Appreciate each and every one of you, and just know that every single one of you is a vital part of my own part, like I am so grateful. I I often just like scroll through the my Facebook friends and the women that I’ve connected with all over the country. Whether it was before I started traveling or after, and know that I like. See each one of you and just i’m so grateful for you. i’m so grateful for the friendship in whatever dimension or whatever capacity it is know that think of you often and that i’m truly grateful for this community that I thought I was going to start physically, but is very much happening virtually because it is with women all over the country. And while I am going to continue working on creating retreat space in order to hold physical space here in Missouri. I I need more connection than that. I really enjoy connecting with each of you.  So thanks for being here. Thanks for being present. and I will see you all tomorrow if you decide to hop on, and not tomorrow.I have a happy Easter Tomorrow, Monday Monday at 10 o’clock, A.M. I will be back on Facebook. lives Monday through Friday, so enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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