April 30, 2022- Dark Moon with Partial Solar Eclipse

Hello! hello! Welcome to the Dark Moon, the Dark Moon, April thirtieth! We are a dark moon with a partial solar eclipse. Talk about some energies going on. Whew! Did you feel it? We had a tornado watch here in southeastern Missouri man. It was a quite, quite a day, so so welcome i’m gonna get everybody just a couple of minutes to join in that way. They can do that. I was working on adding a post i’m going to do that right now. So I am adding the pdf to magical mothering dot com Dark Moon. Pdf! And then i’ll upload the transcription and everything like that as well. But I wanted everybody to get the Pdf. so everybody on the new moon and the full moon. I make those posts public, so you do not need to be a patron in order to get the new moon and full moon. Aspects. They are just for everyone all right so i’m publishing that. So if you go to magical mothering, com and then you go to blogs and podcasts, you’ll be able to grab the Dark Moon Pdf: And if this is something that you’re enjoying, if you’ve been watching the daily Facebook lives and participating are watching the replays of the daily Facebook lives, I would really encourage you to visit magicalmothering.com, or Patreon.com/magicalmothering, and join us. Join in the 30 days of moon magic. if you Can’t afford, for some reason to join in the 30 days of moon magic. But you’re still enjoying this I do have in my patreon a $3 tier that’s $3 a month. If you are enjoying even the new moon and the full moon aspects. I would really be grateful. if you would join in and be a part of this with us, so if you’re here, say hello in the comments, so I can see you I can’t see you unless you say hello to me so hello welcome i’m glad you’re here so We’ve got the Dark Moon, which the dark moon is the second new moon in a month. But because we’re following a 13 month lunar cycle it’s the first new moon of our next 29.5 3 day cycle, which i’ve been calling the 30 days of moon magic So what is the new moon. The new moon is really all about the new aspects so there’s little to no energy coming from a new moon. This is, the moon is directly in between the earth and the sun so we cannot physically see it. It’s dark. The usually a new moon is a great timer, and I ideal time for setting intentions. Not this mood, not this new moon? Do not set intentions, this new moon, please. We had a partial solar eclipse today. When you have a new moon with a solar eclipse, some energy energies? Are there some interesting energies there’s there’s some solar mixed with lunar, mixed with the eclipses, so we do not want to be moving forward as we usually do, with a new moon and setting new intentions. Instead, I would like for you to really focus on your safety. So the theme for this whole month, this whole 29 point, 5, 3 days is going to be the theme for this month is going to be safety, and the Chakra is the root. Chakra. I was going to start the remembering your magical self. Program this month, but that would have been chaos, and I would have been kicking myself. But I wanted to really create space for us to start implementing this, because we can never spend too much time creating safe space for ourselves. This is not something that our society deems necessary for our own mental health, our emotional health, or even our physical health. We live in a very abusive culture, in a very narcissistic, aggressive violent culture that tends to say that it’s okay if I don’t you know respect your boundaries and so I really want to honor the aspect of creating a lot of safe sacred space for ourselves, especially as we’re very gently unraveling how much we as women really connect and flow the lunar cycles and I would even say that binary individuals are more of a lunar cycle phase group as well the masculine masculine. They’re a solar cycle bunch they can have it but for those who are really empathic for those who are learning to heal. For those who are getting the unraveling and remembering their magical selves. We are a lunar cycle people. I believe most of humanity used to be. Our humanity in our Western civilization. is very much built upon these solar cycles, doing the same thing day in and day out, and it’s very chaos creating Yeah, good. Hello, Kelly, Su welcome, Welcome, I Also said Good morning Good evening. Hello, And so with the new moon. usually this is a great time to start a new project, even though there’s little to note energy. We usually at least create a intention. But the partial solar eclipse that happened today is telling us, Do not do that. Do not start any intentions today, so we do not want to start any new intentions. What we do want to do is to create safe space for ourselves, to bring in a ritual which, in my definition of a ritual, is an intentional activity or behavior, that you want to bring into your life for this new moon, instead of bringing in an activity or an action. I would like for you to focus on creating a ritual for yourself that create safety and security and being physically present in your body. So this is something that we don’t do enough of we often are very busy. We are often always making like plans to do things, to go see people busy ourselves, and to fill our days full, instead of actually giving us time to physically sit inside of ourselves and be present and feel safe in our bodies with all of our emotions with all of our stuff. Okay, So this is what I feel. This this dark moon is really asking of us is to go into those things that are not very comfortable. Go into those spaces that may seem really scary to go into those shadow aspects, go into the behavior behind the behavior, and to not create just another project. Right now. we’re in May day tomorrow I will be going, live at 7 o’clock again tomorrow, and a may day celebration, and and we will be rejoicing in the first day of summer, and doing some fun may day activities. And yet, because this is this is the time to really be fully present. The earth around us is waking up. And so for us to really be awakening those energies within us, but to not become dissociated or distracted by all of these things. But be more physically present in all of these things so i’m gonna urge you to really take time for this the rest of this dark moon to feel the energies around you. We just had a tornado watch where I am. So there was a lot of like there was thunder that just lasted for 20 min, you know, rumbling through the sky, and the way that that makes me feel inside these are the types of things that I want you to focus on for this month of being safe. This is the theme to really create time and to be in a place of being safe. And so, when we look at all of these aspects of knowing that everything that we do, and all the coping skills, all the programming, all of the aspects that we have all came to us prior to the age, of 7 did we feel safe prior in our in our younger years, and so we get to choose actively. We intention, with honor, with sacredness, to actively create safe space for ourselves every moment of every day. It can be exhausting if You have coping skills that don’t serve you anymore. It can feel like there’s a lot of sabotage happening if you don’t have coping skills that make you feel safe. You’re maybe with a partner who doesn’t make you feel safe speaking for me i’m in the wild, and so there’s all these kinds of bugs now waking up, and there’s snakes waking up, and there’s chiggers that are going to be waking up soon. And we have ticks on us and there’s all these kind of like wild little creatures trying to eat us online. That is interesting because i’m going well do I feel safe? and so i’m having to actively unravel my own sense of well-being, and saying, How do I make myself more safe? And if we often are a let me give you a solution. Culture right instead of just sitting with it, instead of allowing ourselves to just sit in our uncomfortability. Often somebody will say, Well, why do you do this? You Have you tried this? Do you want to use this? I make this blah blah blah, and I I do it, too, right. Somebody is sharing or unraveling that they found out that they have maybe a label, or they have this illness or this symptoms. And I will say he, I have a potion that I recommend for this. So I do the same thing. we’re very much a culture of suggesting and problem solving people’s issues because it is uncomfortable sitting in them. And sometimes, if we sit in them long enough, our body will actually tell us exactly what we need to be doing in order to release or allow, or hear, feel, or create space for that healing. Our our body often has the exact remedy that is needed. If we create safe enough space to sit in the issue, or the unraveling or the aspects long enough. So this is kind of been what the Facebook lives each morning have been is my way of really unraveling my own journey through the lunar phases. And so sitting in that uncomfortability of kind, of just creating awareness and pondering. And these are really things to do, and while doing them live on Facebook would not have felt very safe. 7 years ago, when I first started magical mothering, or 13 years ago, when I first started unraveling my own journey. Now I can do so in a way because i’ve created safe space for myself to be able to share and do those aspects. So for to today. I wanna just share a little bit about what I’ve shared in the Pdf. and again you can grab the Pdf. For today and magical mothering dot com it’ll be in the Pdfs and blog section, and it’ll be the Dark Moon. Pdf: So if you want to go grab that Pdf: please do so. Every new moon and full moon. I will have the Pdfs for the 30 days of moon magic for free available to everyone. So everyone can still be participating in this 30 dates of moon magic. If you Wanna be involved even more enjoyed in the private discord community. and you want to join the Patreon, and you want to get Goody sent to your house every month, or you want to be the working one on one unraveling with me. I have all those options on Patreon, patreon.com/MagicalMothering for you to be a part of the 30 days of moon magic and more. So for today. The daily theme of the dark moon with the partial solar eclipse today is not the day to set intentions. I’ve shared. That But i’m gonna share it again, because we’ve been so accustomed to new moon names, new fresh starts, new beginnings. Let’s get our intentions out there let’s do our vision boarding, and I thought that that’s what we were gonna get to do today. And then I started looking, and i’m like oh my gosh I didn’t. I forgot there was a partial solar eclipse today. I forgot that this is the day that the veil is the thinnest. It’s. it’s halloween time really it’s springtime, Halloween, If you think about it, the southern hemisphere is going from autumn to winter today, it is their transition from autumn to winter so just as our transition here in the northern hemisphere from autumn to winter, is Halloween, our thinnest day of the veil. There, too, is their transition, which is their thing. its day of the veil. So keeping in mind that today is holding a lot of intention with it. There’s a lot of there’s a lot of energies There’s a lot of accessibility to our guides to our angels to Hi Kate So glad you are here. Welcome! Welcome! So the veil is so thin today, which is why we do not want to be setting our intentions. Today is a perfect and beautiful day to pull a card. If you do oracle cards or tarot cards. Today is a beautiful day to ask your angels, your higher self, the goddess, your own magical mother. God, whatever source, the universe, whatever He resonates with you to really pull in there intentions your purpose to really be present to that energy that is always there. But is that heightened now? Something that is really incredible to do is to also ask for the guidance of your ancestors, because this is when the veil is thin. We have access to our ancestors, who know clearly what our generational themes are. Who know clearly what it is that we can see into our lives, and because they are our ancestors, they understand and can see so much more clearly what it is that we’re dealing with, and can really help navigate our lives in a way if we ask. So a lot of this is just asking asking. I love doing automatic writing, picking up a pin, grabbing a notebook, putting my pin to the paper, and just allowing for whatever to come out there are some parameters with automatic writing. I believe I have a video on Youtube. But making sure that whoever you know be very clear about who you are having speak through you, If you’re talking to ancestors, say your clearly, I would like my ancestors to clear speak through me your guides, your high yourself an angel and then oh, Vp. be very set very good boundaries with automatic writing. Only allow what is for your highest and best to come through, and this make it very specific. I would like for this to obtain to my life specifically. So automatic writing is a great thing to do today to really get insight into not so much your own intentions. But what is it that you can be doing either to create a ritual which is an intentional behavior, or creating some sort of guideline that you can really set forward for this month to help you feel safe which is our theme for the month our theme word for the month of safety. how ask your guides ask your high yourself. Ask the goddess, How can I create safe space for myself this month? How can I create safe, sacred space, so that I can fully live my purpose? Asking these questions. today is an incredible way to get clarity and allowing. And I even said in the Pdf. I said, what intentions do I have for this new moon? And I want you to cross that off. When you get this Pdf: you can go to magic, mothering dot com and grab the Pdf. Cross off. What intentions do I have brought them up wouldn’t intentions? Do your guides have? What intentions do you use? Your higher self have. And I really want we’re gonna do it we’re actually gonna do it live because when else are we gonna take time to do this? right? So I would like to take some time to actually access Our own magical mother or higher self, so that we can fully connect with this space. So if you were on here, live, please say hello, so I can see you I see that there’s people watching. But unless you make a comment, I can’t really see you so say hello so that I can see you back. But thanks for being here. If you have any questions about this particular dark moon or if you’re wanting to know more about some of the things that i’m sharing, please ask questions. I’ll just ramble on as you know and kind of just go on my own track. So if you’re like, go back. how do I do that please. He stopped me and asked, So that I can elaborate things, because I don’t necessarily know what you know I know what I know. and so I just kind of jabber on so please, share with me Kate: Yeah, we’re still here. Okay, so today is a perfect day. Again the theme for this month all about creating safe, sacred space for ourselves. Kelly sue can’t believe I have enough reception yay here here. I it’s isn’t it so weird how sometimes like Facebook comes through and like these little it’s the vortex, Kelly. So you’re meant to be here the veil is so thin it’s like telling you you meant to be here. So this is really a beautiful new moon to not set our own intentions, trying to control our own actions like this is what i’m gonna plan. And this is what i’m gonna do and this is what I have intention for this new moon. This dark moon with the the partial solar eclipse that happened is really an opportunity to say, Stop, look around like. Is this really the life that you’ve wanted to create had you really created the reality that you love 100% cause? If not pause, stop creating, ask for guidance, ask for some support. You have, like all your ancestors your higher self? your spirit team, you’ve got like a whole crew just like she’s gonna ask, Is she gonna ask for support? This new mood. Is she gonna Is she gonna receive our help? right? We have so many beings that want to help support us, create our most magical life to help help help us remember our magical selves, not use the coping skills and the themes and all of the aspects of ourselves that we learned prior to the age of 7 we have a whole team on our side, really cheering us on saying we can help support you. Let us help you unravel. Let us help you create something that maybe you haven’t thought of. Let us help you keep on track with a new ritual or with a with feeling so something that’s really easy is to literally just take a pin and a piece of paper. So i’m gonna pause. Okay, I would like for you to grab a pin and a piece of paper. So go do that grow. Grab a pin and a piece of paper, I’m doing it myself. These are my like this is my journal that i’ve been using to create the Pdfs in my book, and my planner. So it’ll be a good idea to write it in here. Okay, I would love more info about the Dark Moon. Yeah, not familiar about this. So the Dark Moon. The reason it’s called a dark moon is because it’s the second new moon in the same month. So we are already had a new moon. We had a new moon on April first, and then we have a new moon on April thirtieth. So it’s the second new moon within one calendar month, which is why it’s called the Dark moon so. But I would have treated it just like it any other new moon, if it wasn’t for the partial solar eclipse, and the fact that it falls exactly on the day before May day, which in the southern hemisphere. Fear is the day before Halloween. Okay. So it’s like really really so much going on that the fact that it is the second moon in the calendar year. It is the paid for May. It is on a day where there was this partial solar eclipse, like the dark moon. Today is just like blasting open all possibilities and I don’t want us to get our ego in the way or our own intentions in the way of saying Oh, the veil, Then I can ask for whatever I want like I really want to open up the space to allow for us to get our team. That is eager and waiting to help transmute what can come through us by remembering our magical selves. Yeah, right, I yeah, Kate’s like no absolutely amazing I know it’s so cool. And this is why and i i I I don’t even focus. I have not ever since the first 2 weeks I’ve stopped focusing completely on the astronomical sign on like the horoscope aspect of things because astrology versus astronomy is very different. and astrology, The astrology that they’re using was created 3,500 years ago, and it’s been out of date by more than a month for over 300 years. so there is so much that is just convoluted and not accurate that people say, what what sign are you? And i’m like. Well, I was born on this day But according to astronomy that actually means that I’m the sign prior, and what you know. and people are like, can’t you just tell me what sign you are J: you know what i’m like Okay, whatever I know, people don’t really want to know all these So I get I to get out of my own way. I kind of just like delete so that I don’t get stuck on them. and I can like i’m just gonna delete that, for now, until I figure out where that fits in so for my own mental well-being. I had to just like, subtract it and allow for it to be okay. So. Oh, thank you, Kate. I so appreciate it. I you know I really I love jumping down the rabbit holes. and So it’s really I’ve been having a lot of fun doing Facebook again, because I read so many resources. And I every like documentary or i’ll watch a show we’re all like all these things always come in so being able to do the Facebook live I’m able to unravel and like connect pieces by being able to share so thanks for being present and letting me unravel with you. So if everybody has a pin and a piece of paper, 10 and piece of paper, and I saw Lorraine. Hello! welcome Lorraine and if you are here, and you wanna say hello, so I can see you Say, hello, if you give like a heart or a thumbs up. I can see your picture. But I can’t necessarily see your name Come up with it So if you’d like for me to say hello and recognize that you’re here. Just write a comment that way. I can see you pin and paper. Okay, we’re gonna keep this one this is not one that we’re gonna burn. This is not one of that we’re gonna rip up and bury, so you can have it in a notebook that you keep I should have said that before, like you can grab a journal or something. So I want you to write down on your piece of paper. And you can address it, I want you to get clear you’re addressing it either to like your high yourself, or your guides, or your angels, or the goddess or the magical mother, whoever resonates the most with you i’m gonna write down magical mother because that is the goddess and my higher self all together, and i’m going to ask, what can I do to create safe sacred space for myself? So right down on your piece of paper. address it to who you’re gonna address a tier, Dear Goddess, do you hire yourself, dear ancestors, whoever you’re addressing it? To, and then write the question down. What can I do to create safe sacred space for myself. If you’ve never done automatically writing it might take a little bit of time for the answer to come through your pin. If you’ve done automatic writing before you can usually pitch your pin down, and the words like the words, come into my pit, my head and kind of like, go through my arm and I write them as fast as I possibly can so That’s How I automatic right. Some people literally have no words in their head and they’re just the pin is just moving making the words for them. So I really would love if you would like to go into the magical mothering Facebook group, and just take a snapshot of your automatic writing when we’re done with this. I would absolutely love to see it you can take it really far away or like block it out if you don’t want us to read the message. But I would love to see what comes through is I find that a sharing, especially in the magical mothering Facebook group. It’s not public it’s a very private well loved space. If you wanna go one step further and join the Patreon for only $3 a month you can join the private discord community and i’m in that space and it’s more of like a chat space where as we’re just going through things. We’re just talking back and forth and Then of course you can join the 30 days of moon magic, which is a tier on pages on for $33 or more a month. And with that you get it. The daily Pdfs. You get the replays, the transcriptions, you get the private community and you get a lot more. Just interaction. So I am going to take 3 min and I’m gonna shut my mouth for 3 min and we’re gonna put our pin to the paper, and we’re going to see what comes through. Okay, So what can I do to create safe, sacred space for myself? 3 min. Here we go! One more! minute

Alright. So again you don’t have to like write down in the comments. If you don’t want to if there’s something that came through. That was really amazing. if you wanna continue doing this after the Facebook live, I would really encourage you to just give maybe your ancestors if you didn’t connect with them a turn give your guides a a chance. So make a list of maybe, you know, doing this more regularly, but especially today. The veil is then the solar eclipse happening there’s so much energy right now in this space to really allow for your brain to kind of feel a little discombobulated, because it’s so open right now and there’s very little energy coming from the moon to really affect or to have this gravitational pool to make us too emotional about it. So allow for this process to move through you and i’m glad we were able to take some time to actually do that. So my my magical mother, my higher self, the goddess She really shared with me that i’m i’m stepping out of my comfort zone by sharing live on fate, you know, on Facebook every day I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, but I am creating safe sacred space, not only for myself to unravel, but for the women that these Facebook lives are connecting with to unravel as well. So hearing that, I kind of went wow okay that’s cut that that’s cool. Thanks. You know, as one of those like encouraging things. and when sometimes when we automatically do automatic writing, we get these little insights. We get these little nudges to recognize, and often our higher self and the goddess see us as so much more whole. Then we see ourselves, and they can really nurture us and help us create safe, sacred space for ourselves. They can see the behaviors or the aspects or the boundaries. Maybe, that we’re lacking that are not giving safe sacred space. So as we are allowing ourselves, the gift this month to truly create safe space for ourselves and for me, that is actually going to mean taking a full week off of doing all work. from the third quarter moon through the last day of the waiting crescent moon. This month. and i’m gonna set up my tent space and i’m gonna like prep all the stuff for the kids in my husband. if they wanna join me in just i’m gonna be doing some fasting i’m gonna be i’m really excited to like create sacred safe space for myself i’m always so good at creating it for others who’s with me.

Can you? Can you resonate with that where you create all these things for other people? I even like one of the first things that I bought for my my improvis bell tent. My own personal space was a massage table, so I could do. Massage is on other people, and I went. my safe, sacred space and massage table does not give me any safe, sacred space. You know these things. So yeah, Funny right? how these aspects? Nikki Lee Yes, right thank you yeah it’s it’s interesting. How so often we can see clearly when our children are needing to help them. Think of some boundaries that they need or if they’re needing some safe sacred space, or some nurturing, or we’re really able to pick up on the cues of other people. But something that i’ve found really important is picking up on the cues of my own inner child, and allowing myself to have boundaries. Allowing for myself to feel safe, allowing for myself to know that I am okay in the world. And so with this new moon. I really don’t want you setting any new intentions, and the dark moon and the eclipse are saying, Don’t set new intentions. Don’t like, go do stuff don’t start new projects don’t get into something new. And as i’m saying this kelly sue you’re actually coming to mind, cause you’re off to go do a new job. But by the time you get there the moon will be ready for you to like. Step into action and all that kind of stuff, because you started this intention long time ago. Not today. So with this new moon specifically it’s really about looking at all the actions that you’ve been doing. What is your current reality? What is your current boundaries? What are your current safe, sacred spaces? Do you have boundaries? Do you have a safe, sacred space? Do you have a voice? Do you have the ability to create and remember or magical self? I’m just thinking that can I sue right you’re right no cause you started the intention for this months ago, and it’s now coming into fruition. It’s not a brand new intention today, you’re already in it. So that is something interesting to think about. So also realize that each new moon, so the new moon, the full moon, this coming month. So in 2 weeks the full moon for this coming month will be intentions that we set at the new moon 6 months ago back in November. So whatever was going on in November around the new moon, whether you intentionally or unintentionally created thoughts, those will come to fruition for the full moon this month. So we live in this really dense physical world and it’s. a good thing, too, because we have very little control over our thoughts. So if we thought something, and it had it automatically manifested in our life, we would kind of say Oh, shit like I really didn’t actually mean that So things take about 6 months or so to manifest or to catch up with us as we really think about them, and honor them and build those. So if you’re thinking I hate my job I hate this this is this is sucks I wish I didn’t have to do this 6 months or so later, maybe you’ll lose your job. Maybe you’ll get an illness maybe you’ll like something will happen to help you, so that you’re not so unhappy in that circle. If you don’t intentionally create space for something better like the universe will be like, Oh, you don’t like your job. Okay, Well, just have it not happen anymore. i’ll just get rid of your job, isn’t that what you want? So. So this is why the new moon is so fun because we get to get really clear on what it is that we desire, and usually set new intentions. But what i’m asking and offering you for this month is to get really clear on what your reality really looks like, and to connect with your ancestors, your higher self, your guides, the goddess source the universe and plug in to something higher than yourself to get insights into what behaviors, actions, modifications. You can do, and you can see what rich tools you can create, so that you can really step into clarity so that you can really step through the generational themes that maybe you’re just seeing coming out so clearly in your own life I am i’m seeing generation of themes so i’m really excited to not set a new intention because i’m like, Oh, my gosh! I already got a book, a 30 days of moon magic a plan or in this like i’m so grateful that I don’t have to set something like new I don’t have to create Oh, okay, i’m gonna ask my team to come in. Can you support me so that I don’t have to Okay. So I just got another tornado watch another tornado. Watch for the next. Wow! I can hear the thunder circling around us again. But it’s a Tornado watch not a tornado warning. So our tornado watch just means that there’s a thunderstorm coming that could produce tornadoes. a tornado. Warning means that they have actively seen tornadoes forming, and to find shelter. All these fun things that you get to learn about in the midwest. So, allowing for the energy of this time to really awakened and activate and create space, not to do more things, this is not about doing more things. This is not about feeling more productive. in fact I actually ask you this month to be less productive, to be more present, and see how much more productive you are when you’re in your body. When you are being present, when you are connecting when you are intentionally doing behaviors on purpose, not dissociating or clocking out and scrolling, or anything like this. And i’m talking to myself too, This is all this is all me sharing with my own self what it is that I get to practice as well. So this is what we’re going to be unraveling for the next 30 days of moving magic. again. I invite you to join in the Patreon. If you are already a patron, if you want to join in one of the tiers that way, you get all the goodies. If you’re not a patron, and you don’t know what Patreon is, and you’re like I don’t know what you’re talking about, send me a message if you wanna be a part of this I Do a daily Moon phase. Pdf: I go live on Facebook and on zoom every day. I have a private discord where we can actually go and just communicate and chat about each aspect. You can be as involved or not as you want and it starts at $3 to just be a part of the space. The 30 days of Moon Magic is $33, and it goes up from there. If you want to potion every month, I make herbal medicines correlate with each of these, so I do have a root. Chakra potion. If you do not feel safe, I really want to invite you to get the root. Chakra potion, the plants, and the herbal medicines. In this potion actually help bring you back into your body, just doing a couple drops under the tongue. Actually I hope you be physically connected to your body again. It’s a very rooting experience it’s a very grounding experience, and it’s a very nurturing experience. I found that when I really started getting into plant medicines there was an incredible grace and nurturing that happens through consuming the plant medicine. So if you would like any of those again, if you have questions and you’re going, I don’t know what what might be the right one for me. I don’t know if I can commit if you have questions and you just want to like message me just message me. I’m very accessible i’m very easy to connect with if you’re intrigued and you wanna know more. Reach out It’s very easy to connect with me so if you want to get the free Pdf. For today, so that you can write and have all the goodies. Magical mothering dot com or it will be on the recording and the transcription, and the Pdf. Will be on Patreon as well for everyone. So every new moon and every full moon I will be giving these out to everyone to have, and that way everybody can join in for a at least those 2 days, and then the rest. Of the time I do go live every morning at 10 Am. Monday through Friday, and tomorrow I will be live again at 7 Pm. Central time May Day. so come back here tomorrow and we will be doing a May day celebration together, honoring the first day of summer. And enjoying this. i’m breaking up of course because that thunder is happening. So i’m gonna go make sure that all the babes are safe as this tornado watches happening. The thunder is gonna ruin all of our reception, anyway. So. blessings to you. Thanks for being here. I will see you all tomorrow.

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