Spiral of the Year: Beltane- May 1, 2022


Hello and welcome. I am so excited. It is, Beltane. It is May Day, and we are on the first day of a waxing crescent moon. It’s very exciting. I think that’s a incredible way to start melting is with a waxing crescent moon. Yesterday’s new moon was not the day to set intentions. I hope you know about that on my Facebook And then also on magical mothering dot com. If you wanna get the Pdf. for yesterday for the new moon, and you want to join in on that at magicmothering.com. you can pick it up for free.

There and then today’s pdf is also on magicalmothering.com I am doing

Welcome. It is the spiral of the year podcast for Beltane May 1 2022 I’m Stephanie Matthews with magicalmothering.Com

And today we get to unravel the aspects of Beltane Yay! Hello LeeAndra!! welcome Welcome Because Beltane got resurrected a resurgence. It’s originally a pagan holiday but they can’t actually find like written history of prior to when the tutors in rule so which is interesting because it’s such an old it seems like it’s a very goddess culture based seasonal festival, because of the aspect of the fertility aspects that we would have seen in the goddess culture. This would have been such a typical festival in a goddess. Culture in the pre his like Pre , our culture cultures.

Hello, Kate, welcome, beautiful! i’m glad you’re here so so may or belt pain is such a it seems so Juice. it be because it’s one of those festivals that has such a clear and beautiful connection with the goddess. And that just brings me joy. It brings me happiness because if you know, i’m doing a lot of unraveling as to where are our where are our origins? Where are my origins? What is true history? What is the goddess? And why would I white? Did I never hear about her? Why is it that is, soon as I heard about the goddess, and as soon as I started really harvesting plants and getting more in connection with my own nature, and remembering my magical self, and getting in tune with my innate and desires that there was like this truth. There, and when i’m looking at goddess or goddesses, they’ve been taken over by the patriarch. They become a war goddesses they become things like Athena, who were born out of the mind of Zeus like they’re all they’ve all been bastardized. They’ve all been taken up and been created something that they are not. and this little dangling thing is just gonna drive me bananas. So i’m gonna put him back here I picked some fiddle bracken ferns with my kids and made a little crown, so I had to. We did some Mayday fun here today. Let me know if you did anything fun for beltain we got our garden started. We harvest, and I harvested a ton of blackberry and black raspberry leaves. I went through and harvested a bunch of bracken ferns that were growing up in our lawn. Since my husband was like. I need to move because chiggers and I I get it because chiggers if you live on the west side of the United States, you might have not heard about chiggers Now these little demons live, live everywhere. here in the midwest. You step out side, which we live outside if you don’t know like we very much live outside. We live in our converted school bus, and we’re building an earth bag home but like the bugs are just everywhere. But chiggers are their own little special demon there’s so small. They’re smaller than seed ticks and so Yes, we get ticks and seed ticks all over at least you can see them tigers by the time he scratch a chigger bite it’s already moved on and they let straw amplify your skin. Get the straws, and they eat you alive and it’s like alright! Think of, like Mother Earth, and all of the beauty and credibleness that is made, and how it all, just like intricately works together. I think. Why, chiggers, why why did you do this? What what do what were these 4 and it’s almost you know like I think. But there are things that help like diatomaceous earth You can put that down. But it’s just one of those things right, I think to myself. Why, why would this be created just to like there’s such abundance here? There’s so much abundance here and it’s almost as if, like the chiggers and the seed ticks keep you from just like boom, while you can’t just like go on the beaten yeah where do you want just get live by everything that’s in the woods. So it’s still so hard for me because I grew up in the western side of the United States, and you could walk any where you wanted. You didn’t have to stay on a trail you didn’t you could go walk in the leaves. You could do it. Anything you wanted, and it’s interesting that like like Beltain or Mayday to me, is really that like liberation, that freedom, that ecstatic, pleasure of just getting lost at all And covered in ticks oh, interesting every time, and so So with that, you know. hey, Amanda! And so the goddess is so alive today, and today is really for me the aspect of aligning or combining I’m. Masculine and the divine feminine. This is the festival to bring together our own data masculine and our own divine, feminine, and to be in absolute fertility with them and to really allow for them to 2 co-create together. And yesterday I was sharing that this new moon specifically to really allow for to invite it to invite in our spirit guides to in our higher self or the magic who Mother or the goddess or the universe, or This is really and and May day and Beltane. It’s such a beautiful time of pro creation and so for it to be on the first day of the waxing crescent moon, which the energy is growing. I’m gonna share a little bit about the pdf and I do have the pdf for free magical mothering dot com. You can go and grab your pdf There so it’s beginning the The waxing present moon is just beginning to become a illuminated. It is a time to start slowly taking actions, and this is really taking actions in aligning your divine masculine and your divine feminine. If you don’t know what any of that means I do have the make make magical mothering method. There it is the magical mothering method on Youtube I have the divine masculine and divine feminine videos. There. If you want to do the magical mothering tier for that on Patreon, or I do have it for sale right now at magicalmothering.Com if you want to get the whole program there. But this is really the time for co-creation. And so when we invite in our higher spirit guides, when we invite in the beings that are not human, who can see through all the dimensional aspects? Who can see the spiral that can see our generational themes. I can see so clearly our magical whole selves when we invite them into co-create our life with us.

Wow! magic happens, and the guy is really all about that. The goddess is for me. The goddess. Is not this matriarchal control link powerful? The woman in charge. That is what the patriarch has told us that women are. If they get power, and it’s just not true when women gather together. If you get a couple moms together, I get a play date suddenly like everybody’s sharing snacks i’m holding a baby that I just met, and I have 3 other kids that are like playing like this such a hierarchy and it’s such a place of or not a hierarchy it’s such 8. My co-creating relationship and it’s all about like supporting an uplifting and creating and collaborating. And that’s what happens when women get together in just being present for each other. And when we release a lot of the programming that we, you know the mean girl aspect or the competition. Interesting thing that as soon as like women who are similar in maybe what they do. Then there’s this what I like mind better, or this is what I do. There’s like a natural thing that is not innate in women that comes out. And so I really love the opportunity that we have for beltane today to co-create with the goddess. And what does that mean for you like? Are you comfortable with the word goddess? Are you comfortable with co-creating with this divine energy? Are you comfortable with bringing out your divine masculine and your divine feminine? Are you? You know what kind of motions does it bring up, and what is the term fertility? Bring up for you because that’s really what the beltain So all about is being very fertile. And so, Amanda. Yes, yes, I thought it. hi so great for you here, so And so, as we’re really unraveling our own foundations, remember remembering our magical selves, it’s a really powerful and exciting time to realize that we ourselves are an embodiment of the goddess we get to co-create with other amazing women. In this experience we get to usher in a new reality. we get to usher in a new paradigm, and I find that this waxing crescent moon on beltain is like shouting from the rooftops. Do not do this on your own anymore like this is my message. I told the goddess that she is meant to speak through me today. So this is my message to myself. I have not to meant to do this on my own anymore. And so, if you were listening to this, you are not meant to do this alone anymore. This is being made very clear by the goddess. This is why I was close to create a community of women, so that we could collaborate so that we could co-create so that we can truly be in alignment to usher in this new paradigm that is calling to us. This is society that we are living in right now is not for us. And so, when we hear that there is a possibility of the ushering in of a new paradigm that has a marriage of the divine masculine and the divine feminine within us, and the goddess comes back into our everyday lives, our everyday lives become, each individual aspect of them become an ecstatic right in and of themselves, or a blissful ritual, or what I made my card deck of the mundane to magical creating every experience in life from the mundane moments magical, ecstatic, blissed out ecstasy, filled experiences. Melissa. Yes, society took a wrong turn, and never found its way back home. Yes, I completely agree, and it’s the few who said I love all the power. I love all the money I love all the resources i’m going to use them, and i’m going to make all the choices for everybody, and when women get together it’s an interesting thing how when we get together we Look at automatically I feel like we see all the resources and we go okay. They need this. They need that. let’s collaborate what do you have I have some of this, and it’s just a natural inclination for women to really want to share resources and to collaborate and to create the most dynamic experience for everyone involved. We do this in our own homes. We do it so naturally. Where a lot of the men in our lives They go to work, and they make the money, and then they clock out, and they come home and they go. But I made. I I went to work and even if you’re a working mom. They’re like Are you gonna make dinner. Do the laundry and this might not be for everybody. But this is my experience with the women that I know and that i’ve worked with and in my own family, and things like that. Even if there’s 2 working people men have more of an inclination to say I’ve done my work i’m clocking out, and women don’t necessarily get the same privilege they don’t get to like not have the laundry done, and it is misogynistic. And so, if you don’t live in that kind of a reality. awesome, you have some great boundaries, but I grew up in a misogynistic home, and so I have worn these roles Melissa saying I’m creating, teaching and thinking. I need to create a new way of teaching. Starting with my own kids. Yes, yes, yes, I absolutely would I? Yes, if you would like to chat about that more. I would love to share. I I love unschooling. I love wildschooling. I love the unraveling that our children need to be taught. Oh, I love that. Yes, I learn so much from my children every day, and I do my best learning from them more often than I try to teach them, because everything that I have been taught has been wrong history as we know It is not correct you know math math pretty correct, right? so. I have some like I my aunt. She just said this the other day. she goes as long as they know how to count and read their good. No, yes, yes, and Nature will teach them the rest. Okay, So Melissa. They bought an Rv. and they’re going Oh, my goodness, so exciting. I love it. I love it. Yeah. Hi, Karen, Welcome. Yeah, I feel that I have learned more in the past 4 years since leaving society like selling our home, leaving society and and like literally getting back into nature. I have learned so much more. I found my true calling. I became an herbal priestess, and I loved plants. Prior. But when I started traveling plants and herbal medicines became my sacred practice, and they created within me something that I didn’t know was available. And so plants are one of my biggest teachers and there’s so many aspects, like the animals the amphibians and reptiles specifically are my sons teachers. My daughter loves plants, but she really allows for her voice to be heard. She’s a singer, she’s a songwriter she makes fairies. She’s. very artistic, and it’s been really amazing watching her just bloom, watching her grow, and not because she has to, because she wants to. And so listen, says I. teach math, and 99% of what I teach. Kids will never use again. Yeah, isn’t that incredible like I know that so many children who go to school learn what they need to learn to take a test or a quiz and then never retain it. And when you learn something experientially or through nature you never forget that experience like I had no idea about geography. I didn’t know which state went where but as I started traveling through the States backwards and forwards, and going to these places suddenly, I had this relational map that made sense to me. I can now fill in like 3 fourths of the United States. You know the east coast not so much, but the rest of the United States. I I know where they go I know experientially. what is there, and what the people are like in those spaces, and what the rocks are like, and the plants are like, and that to me is so much more there’s more dynamic And so it’s so incredible allowing for ourselves to be led by our children, and I think so much of that. Yes, more value. yes, absolutely. I think so much of even my own healing journey, and what I now share could comes from the remembering your magical self aspect. The remember your magical self-program I actually taught for the year prior to leaving on the road, and I had to have this as a foundation in order to really allow for myself to see and be. in this space And so i’m bringing the remembering your magical self back this year. It’ll most likely be in the fall and i’m gonna have the plan or go with it and everything like that, because it’s so foundational when we have new coping skills. We don’t live in anxiety all the time we have new ways of handling stress. We don’t pass on these generational themes so easily to our kids when we allow for ourselves to really fully unravel all of the programming we can allow for ourselves to really be heightened in our ecstasy on a daily basis, really finding pleasure and not waiting like no kids. You have to wait 8 h. You have to take 8 h of your day and wait before you can do things that are pleasurable like that is a horrible fair like. who does that? No, I would like to wake up and from the moment. I wake up into the moment I go to sleep. I would like to be looking in the pleasure ecstatic rituals, and this is what I teach my children. That their lives, from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep, will be experiencing measurable experiences, and it’s not a matter of having no pain or aspects, but choosing pleasure choosing aspects, do you want right? Do you want to argue and hit and criticize? Or do you want to have pleasure and share, and collaborate and communicate clearly? And these are all these aspects. when we have a desire to create a pleasurable ecstatic experience out of our lives. There’s so much more of the day spent in that space and less of our day spent in micromanaging and time things and schedules, and the bullshit that doesn’t even matter. Melissa says, Yeah, the biggest issue is kids aren’t learning coping skills. Yes, and the coping skills they are learning are hyper vigilance because they have emotionally unstable parents. They’re learning anxiety they’re learning panic attacks. they’re going into 80, you know, like they have no coping skills. They’re going into dissociation and distraction just like we did as kids. They’re learning coping skills, but they’re not healthy or helpful, right? Like. we always have coping skills, but a lot of the coping skills actually don’t help us. I hope, with life. They were just like surviving in life. Absolutely. Yeah, it’s such suicide rates amongst children and young. A young children school shootings. The amount of kids with anxiety. yeah, it’s It’s really alarming. And I think this is why now, so many of us are looking around and going. I’m not interested in this anymore. This paradigm this reality, this thing that everybody is doing is not okay with Many. I think there’s so many this is this is bouncing around. I’m gonna take it up there’s so many aspects of life that I think us as Moms and women are looking around and saying this is no longer acceptable. i’m going to take a back my Sovereignty and I’m going to take back the ownership of my reality is, and this is how i’m going to do it. And so Melissa, just like extracting ourselves from the system is always the first step, and it’s very difficult. It took us 3 and a half years like while we were traveling the Internet we needed. So I couldn’t do Facebook lives every day anymore like there was just so much that I couldn’t do while I was extracting myself. And now that we have land that is off grid, we can now get back into these sacred rhythms that I really love in connecting and create community and doing all of these aspects, So I do want to share. So today, Beltane May Day is the pagan aspect, or what used to be the first day of summer, so welcome to summer. So why I know that this is the first Day of summer is because back in when Shakespeare wrote Mid Summers Nights Dream Midsummer with summer Solstice because Midsummer’s Night’s dream is about the fairies and all of the people that got together on summer solstice, which summer solstice is not the first day of summer, be titled Midsummers Night Stream. So this is actually the first day of summer, and 8 fits beautifully. I mean everything has come to life. The flowers are finally blooming, and so today is officially the first day of summer, and now we’re here. We get to enjoy it. And so with that, the fertility of life, the co-creation of life is so exciting, because now we get to really decide what it is that we would like. to co-create what is it that we are going to birth through and out of us. And what are we going to gestate? We often don’t think of fertility, and fertility, rights, sensuality, sexuality, or even having sex as what we get to choose to birth. It’s usually just it, it happens, and a baby is made right we become so dissociated and so disconnected, with what fertility is, and the sacredness of creating life, or the sacredness of co-creating a new thing being into existence, whether that being or thing is a book, a movie, a podcast a new way of living right? There’s all these things that can be in this fertility, right, or Richard being co-created today. And so I want you to be really mindful about what is being birthed or reborn within you right now. And to take some moment. Take a moment. Do you have thoughts about what is going to be birthed through you or reborn through you? Have you had a really hard last 2 years, you know, like I know so many people with Covid and with the pandemic, and with things shutting down and life going crazy like it just got really hard and it got really depressing, and it got really scary and the uncertainty, and there was just so much that pressed in on us, and this really helped make a death of things that did not serve us in a society and in ourselves, in a very big and dynamic way. And so this bell tame is a beautiful day to really allow for a to be reborn for yourself, for yourself to be reborn, and maybe your divine masculine and your divine feminine being, in an abundance and having fertility, are going to actually rebirth you today. And if that sounds like I that sounds amazing. yes, please right like sign me up. I would like i’m ready I have done so many so many deaths of my own thoughts, my own behaviors, my own programming. I am ready for the rebirth, I am really for the world to be reborn, and there’s so much dying, and that is, can be scary. Death can be very scary, especially in our culture, we would think that there’s only life and death. But there’s not there’s life death and rebirth, and that is the true cycle, because nature never dies fully. There is always a rebirth, and so hi, Christie and Leslie. Welcome. welcome. if there’s anything that you want to share please type it in the comments I I love the the dialogue. And so, as we get the opportunity to have abundant fertility today, we get to decide what we are going to birth into the world, and maybe it’s not really us that’s going to decide yesterday. I did a whole Facebook live about really like asking ourselves, asking our guides, asking the goddess, asking God asking source, inviting in your spirit team to help you. Step into your magical self, so that you can have the things that are meant to move through. You move through you and out into the world. And for me that is really gathering and collaborating and bringing in a community of women who are going to usher in a new paradigm. That is life, honoring earth, honoring and and woman honoring. Christie, yay i’m so grateful hello Linda, and so I had a conversation with somebody the other day, and it might seem a bit. I don’t know i’m just gonna share it i’m gonna share my thoughts cause that’s what I do I had a conversation about feminism, and I don’t exactly agree with the full concept of feminism. Not that I don’t believe that women should have equal rights to men I absolutely do. But and it’s a big but I actually believe that women should not. Should that women are sacred, life giving birth, giving beings, and we used to be honored as such, and through time through war and greed and power women got put to the side, and with that all life got put to the side. And so my revolution is to usher back in the magical mother, the birth giver, the life honor the earth Mother. This I don’t want to be equal 2 men no thank you. I would like to be honored as a sacred vessel that creates life inside of me. That’s the big difference. it’s a very big difference and for me. That is, I feel like what is wrong with feminism in its core. There there there, is so much more there’s so much more I don’t want Yes, of course we should be paid equal like It’s such. It’s all the old paradigm like I don’t want any of that paradox. I don’t want any of their bullshit I want a completely new paradigm where Life is honored. We’re my life is honored where my child’s life is honored, where the earth is honored. I want a completely new paradigm i’m not interested in being equal in your paradigm in their paradigm. Not interested. So for me, that is what the Patreon is all about is bringing in women to literally usher in a new community that that is based on the goddess principles. Standing standing ovation. Thank you, Linda. That is based on the principles, pre patriarchy, culture that was life honoring. We need goddessism. Yes, absolutely and it’s not it’s such an interesting thing. Men fear the matriarchy because they think that we’re going to get revenge on them. They think that if women get equal or power we’re gonna get revenge, I have no desire for that. I I just want to honor the lives that I birthed into this world, and I want to honor the earth that gives me life. It’s such an interesting aspect when men think about women getting into power. They think we will be them, and that’s just not true there’s nobody has time for that. I know right like what woman like I just. And if you notice the movies when women get empowered like, think of Kill Bill! Think of any of these movies where women get control, demand sovereignty over their lives. They immediately go, and, like Eradicate, all the men. Hmm: Yeah. Think there’s something subliminal in there. When men honor women, women, honor men, yes, and when children are honored as our teachers, the world transforms. Think about that are not honored for being the sacred vessels of life.

And yet even more so, the children that come out are immediately thought of as less than as not knowing anything, and in a majority of the culture. as soon as that need to be, I tamed and shaped and formed into such everything else it’s It’s mind boggling, but that is really what so much of our culture is based on. If they start deteriorating and breaking down the children didn’t know, have us for the rest of their lives, and especially, you know, boys, if they take away the emotionality of little boys, they take away the emotionality of little boys. Then they will know longer have the emotions intact to honor women. It’s all a programming when women are grown up in a misogynistic home, they are taught that they are less than, and they will usually exemplify that they’re rest of their lives. Yeah, Linda, I hate it. When people say that we were born with sin. What I know I have I I have such a a beautiful rendition of the tree of good and evil. Now in my brain, and I love it so much, because when you see that the tree of knowledge or the tree of wisdom is the goddess, is the goddess, and a serpent or a snake is also the goddess, and Eve went back to the goddess, which is why she has been shamed for the past 7,000 years, because every woman, when given an opportunity to go back to nature and to go back to the truth, and to go back to what is true that we are meant to honor life. We will always choose that choice. I will gladly be a sinner if that’s what that makes me so. It’s interesting. The propaganda that has shamed women for 7,000 years, for choosing to go back to the goddess when the goddess is what makes the most amount of sense we don’t need any propaganda. We don’t need we don’t need any stories. We don’t need any justification. We don’t need any anybody to tell us anything beside a whispering of the goddess, and suddenly our hearts There’s there’s a goddess Is there really a got it like there’s just is it part? We don’t need to be programmed or Dm. D. you we don’t need anything like they don’t need to set us up in amphitheaters and tell us these stories for hundreds of years. They don’t need to burn people at the stake for 300 years like we hear an a whispering of it, and we go. There’s another way. there’s been another way to Mike. It just feels true, because all of the stuff around us, just as nonsense, and they have to continuously make stories for us to believe it. Melissa says I heard something interesting about the d masculinization of men to bring down society interesting. Yeah, Oh, like giving them back their emotions i’d be interested like I love articles. So if you wanna send me in messenger where you read it, or what you saw. I love. I love reading. I love all of that kind of stuff so it’s an interesting aspect when we grow up in trauma and disassociate from ourselves. This is one of the the most common forms. This is one of the most common forms of coping. Skill is different when we grow up dissociating from our ourselves. This will keep us dependent and in codependent relationships. Very easily. So like making men more feminine, it takes away what makes women special. It could never take away what makes women special and I find that That’s interesting, because I feel like a man made that article and has no clue that we actually grow life inside of. us like. We don’t need a a more special like men can be as feminine as they want, but they can’t have babies growing inside of them. B is feminine. you What I don’t care you do not. Maybe you do not have to pretend to be something you are not. And I actually had this conversation with my husband. Today he goes. I had to be overly masculine. I had to be on the verge of mysogenistic and extremely tough and very masculine in order to survive. And that is the problem, because little boys have to grow up and take on their fathers in order to be respected rather than their fathers, honoring their lives and protecting them for being whoever they are. I think men could still be masculine and protective in a provider, while being mindful of the power of his woman. interesting. What if the woman was mindful of her man or not even like I don’t, I don’t know if we I think that is even an unraveling that we get to do is this ownership of each other because if we didn’t own each other or own our children wouldn’t we treat them differently so like in the indigenous cultures. and it’s just a question i’m actually just asking this for my own unraveling as well, mutual agreements of their roles. Yeah. In the end indigenous cultures there. when they grew up. All of the kids their age you know that we’re not yet mothers, which happened at about 12 or 13 or 14. Okay. So, like all the children, were all brothers and sisters, all of them, all of the mothers who had birthed a child, were all mothers to all the children that were all brothers and sisters. No, they did not get birthed out of the same mom. Right. Can you get me all of the grandparents who were no longer birthing? Children were grandparents to all of the village? And then And so it’s an interesting aspect when you look at a community in that way the the kids knew which mother to go to, depending on the situation right. Can you imagine wonderful wonderful that is like you have the mom for when you stub your toe? You go to the mom in the tribe who is very compassionate and we’ll take the time to wrap up your toe you don’t go to the mom who’s always like swatting you away because she’s like doing her hides right like you go to the grandmother to hear the story when you’ve just been pushed down and It’s not necessarily like your direct grandp Mother, you go to like I I feel like that is such a more a abundant way of living. If we didn’t stole responsibility of our children and our spouse, and we owned each other, and we owned our own little space, and it would take so much unraveling to live in a community. Like this, though, because we’ve grown up with so many programs, and so much propaganda and so much so many ideas about ownership over other beings, especially other human beings. And so it just brings forward such an interesting aspect. And I love Christie. I think your spot on with this aspect of men absolutely being masculine and protective, and a provider, as I truly believe that that’s oh, yeah, yeah. And for being I truly believe that men are this role right there. They are like. Naturally they are a protector they want to Make sure that they’re providing they like it drives. My husband crazy that he’s not physically bringing in money despite the fact that he’s building this home, and he’s like he creates the most amazing music and he’s sharing his gifts every day with us and yet, because like he wants to provide it’s very tricky for him, because that’s what he wants to do. When we look at evolutionary aspects from about 200,000 years ago to about 7,000 years ago, when the goddess culture was alive and well, men really spent the majority of their times quiet, communicating with signals and I’ve movement and body language, because they were on a hunt to provide for the tribes. Yet women. we’re with the children, especially those children who had not yet been old enough to go on the hunt right So boys and girls and women foraged in their space, and so they had to communicate with as many details as possible that what they found, so I found a stock with a purple vein in it, with leaves that had staggers on them, and they were heart-shaped, and it killed my child like they had to be super super specific with the plants with what they were gathering the exact locations of where they found it to keep themselves and their children alive. So men and women evolved, differently women’s brains and I don’t want to get into the discussion about gender, because if you are a woman and you feel you are a woman. You’re a woman. Okay, I don’t i’m not interested in in that aspect of it. I would like people to be true to whoever they are, and honor it, whatever it is So that’s my discussion on that so women in their brains, their brain development, and their brain chemistry the way that we connect dots the way that we do aspects the way. He’s an adHD shows up the way that anxiety shows up the way that heart attacks show up like they’re all different in a woman’s body. And so, when we allow for ourselves to see that even evolutionary wise men and women were never equal, which is again. Why, I don’t want to like like have this I don’t wanna put any energy into this mainstream feminism aspect. I would like to put all of my energy into ushering in an entirely new paradigm that gives life, honoring life, giving fertility, giving energy into this new paradigm of truly birthing in and ushering in a new way of being, and so I just wanna say thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you for joining in. Thank you for sharing I love this. Yeah, I know it’s so hard to like read a quote, and then take it into context. So thank you. Yeah, there’s there’s so many subtleties right just to all of this the words that we use to the aspects that we say to the way that we interact and me being able to interact live on video and then you only if able to interact in quotes it’s very like convoluted even because i’m trying to get you know, to like It’s not like we’re having a conversation in real time. But I appreciate you conversing with me in real time, and so I want to end this time, together with a summer blessing. I want to share this summer blessing that came through and then if there’s anything that you would like to share. And then we’ll finish up for this time so summer blessing, and this is on the Pdf. again. You can find it at magical mothering dot com. you can find the Pdf. For the new moon yesterday, and then you’ll also find the pdf for today, for May day, because of the spiral of the year. So both of these podcasts and the pdfs are available. Whether you’re on a patron or on the Patreon or not. If you want to be a part of the Patreon, I would really encourage you to come into the community. I would love to have you there. Alright, summer blessing, Mother Earth, I see you fully. Your beauty and abundance a new in in each new leaf and flower, just as you receive the warmth from the sun that warms your body. Now is the greening, when the fragrance of flowers drifts on the breeze. This is the unveiling of the magic within. Life has been reborn by your magic. Mother Earth. The sun stretches and rises, eager in his youth and bursting with the promise of pleasure. I walk the earth in friendship, each step freeing me to remember more of who I am. Mother, earth and son, and still within the plants a blessing for all living things. May I remember the ways of the earth and all its treasures? May I never forget your warmth and love that fills my soul with peace with each warm ray of sunshine, and each step supported by the warm soil. So, Danny Lynn. Thanks for being here. Thanks, Linda. Thank you, Christie. thank you, Amanda. Thank you. So much for being here. I am so grateful, and Leslie for being here. Thank you, Melissa. Thank you so much. Thank you. Leandra. I am so honored, Amanda Lynn. Thank you. Thank you for you. I am so honored by each and every one of you. I am blessed because of you, and because of my connection with you know that we are transmuting and shifting, creating radical, energetic movements in on the physical plane, by gathering every day by shifting our mindsets by creating ecstatic rituals and gathering together. Because this is where the magic happens when we gather together and we create time and energy and space to create the reality that we desire. It makes a difference in those other realities that we bump up into. So know that we are doing the work already now it’s time to have some fertility ritual happening within ourselves, bringing some pleasure and sensuality in sexuality, and allow for the divine masculine and the divine feminine within yourself to really co-create and be reborn. On this beltane night. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I so appreciate you being here, The recording will be available as soon as this is up. And then I will have the the is already available. Magical mothering dot com have the transcription, the video and the podcast, available on Patreon probably tomorrow.

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